A place for everything......& everything in it's place!!!


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As a "table top queen," this accessorator has a major storage problem!!! Napkin rings are often times left homeless. They either end up in plastic zip lock bags or in old gift boxes, squinshed into corners of the dish closet. Some are never found again, and others are unused because I can't remember where they live!! When I visited my friends Amen & Bob's fantastic new house last month, I saw the most incredible storage chest and a unique idea....a fabulous antique Chinese cabinet had become home to all of the napkin rings!!  I had seen a number of these chest, which I think were used by Chinese doctors for herbs & potions, over the years and always wondered what to do with the small draws....this was a genius idea!!! Imagine a separate place for each style and then hanging a sample on the outside of the drawer....these guys are major "accessorator's"!!!


Then Amen gave me the best idea......knowing that everyone didn't have an antique chest in their basement....he said a similar "new" chest was in the Crate & Barrel catalogue and suggested it would do the job just as well!!!!  Amazing idea, don't you think!!!!


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