Spectacular lighting....A combination of great design, color, and technique!!!

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Born in Padua, Italy & trained as a biochemist, Paola Petrobelli changed careers in 1999 and became a glass designer. Her collaboration, with the same Murano glass maker since the beginning, results in the creation of simple, rigorous, and sensous designs. Her cylindrical suspensions, titled C-62, incorporate the formal qualities of architecture with the rich flow of glass. Her pieces are always functional, rather than decorative. These fixtures are a collaboration with Perimeter Editions, Paris and are an edition of 50. The light fixtures are available individually, although Paola prefers hanging three together, as do I!!! They come in three colors, tangerine, citrus, & grey. Having seen them last fall in Paris, I can honestly tell you they are incredible!!!


  1. Miss Roman.. I Have to say when it comes to accessorizing, you are a marvel!

  2. It is cool lamp. I love to see. I wish i could have some to put at home. Thanks for such inspirational idea. From Condo Staging Toronto

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