all hands on deck!!!!!!

Glove forms besta.JPG
One of the best accessories for a bookcase is a grouping of vintage American or English glove forms. I found these divine, sculptural, metal forms from a wonderful dealer in London, grabbed them, and shipped them home immediately!!!! On my bookshelves I grouped them in sets of three or five. Always an odd number!!!!  I have also seen them polished up to a bright shine.......but, this "accessorator" loves everything in it's original condition, a bit rough around the edges!!!!!


If you like what you see and want to have a collection of "hands from across the pond" get in touch!!!!



  1. They are funny, a little freaky, and I agree with you- best left in their original condition.
    I wish I could be your traveling companion on your international shopping expeditions! Just have to overcome my deathly fear of flying…
    xo to you & Carla!

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