Memories of Ghosts, Gobblins, & Witches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The most fabulous "Vintage Halloween" is found at The Antique Store in Bridgehampton, from dealers Barbara Trujillo and husband and wife duo, Kelter Malce. These three well-known dealers have been collecting "holiday memories" for many moons!!!!!  Papier mache trick-or-treat pumpkins and cats, ghost candles, paper skeletons, and skull swizzel sticks from Barbara ........ a "witch taking flight" on a vintage Halloween party hat, framed by Jolie & Michael ....... are just a few of the "spooky accessories" that will make this Halloween a "howling" success ....... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Barbara Trujillo & Kelter Malce  2466 Main St, Bridgehampton 631 537-3838


  1. kitty beamish says:

    Hi Judi,
    just having a look at your stuff, it looks great especially the bedding, i also found the african cushions by Dransfield and ross they look good but not as good as mine were!!!
    Andrew has gone off to the Tate, where they have some halloween thing for kids going on, he has taken nina in her witches outfit from ‘pharmasave’ on salt springs island, ah! canada is was so clean and nice.
    Here is the name of the ceramics artist that i was telling you about, her web sight doesn’t look as gorgeous as her work in real life, imagine lots and lots of tiles all together for real impact.
    Lubna Chowdrey ceramics
    all the best kitty

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