Sublime Accessories in Soho ...... @ Prince & Mercer!!!

My travel companion, volcano co-survivor, and good friend SDE ..... the chicest, tastiest,
and most accessorized woman I know ........ took me on a
Soho crawl last week ...... and she introduced me to 
an "accessorator's dream"!!!!!! 


On Prince & Mercer Streets, in front of J.CREW ......sitting behind a very long table, probably made from a wooden plank and a pair of saw-horses, covered with a white cloth ........ sat Kristine, a 9 month pregnant "fashionista"!!!!! Spread before her was the most outrageous, incredible, over-the-top collection of leather wrap bracelets in the world ....... every color imaginable ........ with closures of stainless steel, gold plate, and gold plate oxidized bronze ........ an "accessoration" supreme!!!!!


This F.I.T graduate and soon-to-be mother of two has been "working this block" for 8 years. She doesn't believe in trends ...... though she is definitely on trend at the moment .... leather is her passion and she never deviates!!!! She told me "I wear it and I believe in it, I never switch, not in 8 years." Her mantra is .... "If you don't know what you're looking at your not my customer!!!!"


According to Kristine, "they" come from all over ..... men & women .... chic "accessorators," hip trendsetters, as well "uptownies's" who wear her jewelry to "funk-up" their Hermes look .... and  as she says.....they always come back for more!!!!!! I know I will!!!!! 

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