My Mecca in London ....... @ 36 Kinnerton Street!!!!!!

My secret weapon ..... my style mecca .... my first stop,
immediately upon my arrival in London, is egg!!!! 


For over 15 years, I have headed from Heathrow Airport, to my hotel to check-in, then to a tiny street in Knightsbridge ....... home to my friend Maureen Doherty's wonderful shop!!!  Maureen, the original muse to Issey Miyake, has created a unique, one-off shopping experience that is almost a "trade secret"!!!!  It is so special, that there is a long list of fashion-folk who collect her treas
ures (I ran into Bruce Weber there this week!!!), and have asked her to either open a shop in NYC or to sell her things in our stores ...... the answer is always NO!!! I have found over the years that Maureen rarely changes her mind, no matter how often you ask ...... whether me, Donna Karan, or Dawn Mello!!!!


This unique English store is a white-washed former stable with the most fabulous original details ..... giant white barn doors, rambling uneven cobblestone floors, white wooden slab shelves, and a vintage oak dinning table with classic Thonet chairs ..... all creating the perfect ambience for Maureen to curate her own fabulous clothing-art installation!!! The store is home to the most fantastic collection of  "white  everything" ....shirts, dresses, pants, jackets etc ....... always accented with natural, black, grey, and a touch of denim!!!! And every once in a while, color pops up ever-so-slightly ...... this trip there were two green shades and a tiny touch of yellow!!!


I think of Maureen as the master of the "zen" of dresing ..... non-trendy or fashiony, comfortable and easy, unrestricted, relaxed, and always made with natural fibers ....... everything is meant to be layered, loose, and unconstructed!!! Of course, in the world of egg, nothing ever goes out of style .... NEVER!!!! These clothes are for "trendy fashionista's," rather they are meant for "clothing collectors"!!!!


Because I am in London so often, I am lucky enough to add to my "egg collection" several times a year, always white shirts, maybe a coat or sweater or both .......  and of course, great accessories; scarves, jewelry, hats ..... anything goes!!! I have absolutely no control at eggl!!! So what, nothing ever goes out of fashion ...... in fact, in April, Maureen asked to borrow a "vinatge egg" coat that I was wearing, she wanted to re-invent it for next season!!! Of course, I left it for her and she gave me one of her own divine coats to wear in Milan ..... actually it was a coat that I'm sorry I didn't buy, way back when!!!!!


So, I'm sharing my best "accessoration" but remember ........ please
leave the large's for me!!!!!

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