Ngispen ...... Designs that "Play With Tradition"!!!!

"Amateur Masters A" 2011, Jerszy Seymour


"Stubborn Chair" 2011, Studio Makkink & Bey


"Blaster Chair" 2011, James Irvine


"More of Less Chair" 2011, Maarten Baas



"Icon O" 2010, Jan Plechac
under the direction of renown Dutch designer
is a division Gispen,
one of the Netherlands largest office furniture companies.

Designed by an impressive collection of Dutch "createurs",
the company exhibited an outstanding collection 
of "inspired design objects"..... 
and of course, the chairs were my favorite!!!

Unfortunately, the collection is not available in the USA ....
so, I am awaiting the arrival of my Maarten Baas
"More or Less Chairs" from Holland!!!!

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