Divine, Delightful, & Delicious ..... NY DESIGN Hunting!

first stand-alone design magazine,
is "out & about" .....
at news stands everywhere today!!!

This "must-have forever" publication by design genius
is subtitled
"A Resource Guide & Dream Book" .......
& that's exactly what it is!!!

Beautifully designed, edited, photographed, and written ...
the magazine features fabulous NYC interiors, 
including design guru's 
never before published,
stunning Olympic Tower aerie!!!!

In addition, 
there is a fantastic guide to New York's best kept "secrets" ......
over 1000 of the them .....
including paint shops, tile suppliers, window washers, 
contractors, designers & more!!!

Run out .... 
get your copy & pick your favorite cover ....
there are 4 of them,
each with a different color paint can!!!!

I must admit I have all four 'cuz, 
I know this is really a "supreme collectable"
and the ultimate
"accessorator's accessoration"!!!

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