The Only Surviving 2012 Electric Holiday Snow Globe!

This is one of those sad & sorrowful stories .....
that has a fabulous ending!!!
Every "accessorator supreme" knows that Christmas 2012
is all about the "fashionable collaboration" 
between Barneys & the Walt Disney Company ...
Well, I have been waiting breathlessly to get my hands on
the delightful & divine 
featured in Barneys holiday ads!!!
Sooooo, I raced uptown to Barneys last Thursday,
ahead of the crowds .... I thought,
but low & behold I was told they was gone!!!
"Impossible" I said ...
"No" said the charming salesman ...
"What happened???" I moaned!!!
"They've all been recalled" he announced!!!
"Yep, the ears fell off!!!!"
I was désole .... 
I rushed downstairs, out the door,
grabbed my Iphone, 
& called my fabulous fashion friend WR in disbelief!!!
"Breath deeply"he said ...
"We'll discuss it tonight at dinner!!"
So, I sadly trugged home .....
beyond bereft!!!
7PM brought a knock on the door .....
the divine and dapper WR & MK  arrived for dinner
with GUESS WHAT???
The impossible .... MY SNOW GLOBE!!!!
The moral of the story is ...
"Fabulous Fashion Friends" are a "must-have" ...
especially with a great Rolladex!!!


Isn't it divine .....
"Hey, don' t touch the ears!!!!"

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