Qulture.com Goes Live .... And It's Smart & Stunning!!!



the premier online guide to Arts, Style, Living,

& Sports in the Middle East,

went live last night!!!


Available in English or Arabic,

"QULTURE'S mission is to become

the premier guide to Qatar

& the region’s changing cultural landscape,

& to create a global dialogue

about the importance of

art & culture in Qatar & the Middle East."


This beautifully designed go-to website

is a "must" for everyone

living, traveling, or doing business

in the region!!!


And the ACCESSORATOR is a contributor ......

a real design must-see!!




Thursday ... Come Join Us to Discuss 12 Color Trends!!!


 You'll be very surprised by 3 my picks ....

and the reasons why!!!

A Sign of Summer's End .... Discarded "Accessorations"!


It's hard to get past this

painful & sorrowful summer ....

Why in the world is everything is Falling Apart?????



I  found this sad, broken & unloved "accessoration"

on Greenwich Street .....

do you think it's the heat or a rough weekend????

Accessorator's Delight ... Maison Martin Margiela!!!



Two of my favorite "accessorations" are books & bookcases!!!


I found this divine combination at the

Maison Martin Margiela on Greenwich Street, NYC.


Isn't is fabulous!!!