The Accessorator and a row of soda bottles...Why????

I find myself surrounded by extraordinary things, sometimes quirky or absurd, but always expressive!!!  In my world, anything and everything is an accessory.....a table, a chair, a well as a book, painting, napkin, or plate.  It maybe a pattern, a color combination, or a dab of paint that calls to me, and I want to share it.  Often an actual object.....or just simply a row of soda bottles that I found in New Orleans!!!! (fabulous colors, right!)  Whatever it is....I think it’s something valuable to muse about!!!!

I think of myself as the last hand that touches a room or a table.  The various abstract additions (or subtractions) that create the feeling of "perfection."  The things that say.....I am unique, have panache, am chic, and always a little bit eccentric!!!!  I spend my time musing about these final thoughts and items endlessly!!!  Forever moving things around.....propping, placing, and my head, in situ, and now on paper or actually, on the internet!!!

If you like what you see......there's plenty more coming....keep your eyes open and let it in!!


Professionally, I am a retailer, designer, createur of product, and contributing editor at House Beautiful!!!