What a Wacky & wonderful way to tell time!!!



found this divine & delightful clock

at my favorite East Hampton "accessoration haunt"



My friend Russ's store, a treasure trove of goodies,

is a secret weapon for designers ....

& is definitely an "accessorator must-shop"!!!


Love this clock to pieces,

even tho' I don't know who's it is .....

do you???

Mickey Mouse is Alive & Well & Living in Paris!!!

Isaw these two divine 1970's Mickey Mouse chests 
in the window of a Paris antique shop .........
it was  closed!!!!!
But, I was already in love & I had to take their pictures!!!
Low & behold I looked them up on the web .....
and the blue one is on 1st Dibs!!!!


If you love 'em as much as I do .......
Here's the link & I'm sure the red one is at the same shop!!!!