From Couture Clothes to Couture Cakes @ Barneys!!!

Barneys NYC seems to be on my mind this week!!!

I'm wild about The Fashion Chef & apparently so is Barneys!!!

Charlotte Neuville has taken her creative genius 
from clothes to cakes
Barneys is the place to find these 
gorgeous "2012 Electric Holiday" goodies!!!

Take a look at my Huffington Post piece & read
about Charlotte's "next act"!!!!
(just hit the link!!!)

And remember ...
we all have at least one more "act" in us!!!

Maison de Cire Trudon ......... Lights Up Paris!!!!!

CT Armoire.JPG
CT Candle bookcase.JPG

CT side wall.JPG
The stunning, well designed Magasin Trudon on the rue de Seine in Paris, is a visual feast, a must see, a "go-to" shopping experience ........ an "accessorator's" dream!!!!!!! From the well known scented candles, the individually sold bright colored candles in a variety of sizes, the "candle-busts" of nobility, the "church" candles in natural with gold text, and those with gold seals....... everything is eye candy ....... Look everywhere ...... don't forget the furniture, the accessories, the vintage candlestix, the color-walls, and the fantastical propped displays ......spectacular!!!!!


The history of Cire Trudon candles began in 1643, when wax merchant Claude Trudon began making candles for the churches of Paris. The all natural candles were (and still are) made of 100% vegetable wax, with pure cotton wicks, for the purest candles and the cleanest burn. Royalty, including Marie Antoinette, learning of the quality of the candles, asked that the candles be available for their castles .... Versailles included!!!. Today, Cire Trudon candles remain the oldest and finest candles in Paris, and possibly world-wide. In addition to manufacturing private-label candles for a variety of companies, including Hermes, Dior, and Guerlain, Trudon sells their candles internationally


I found these divine candles, encased in stunning absinth colored, hand blown be-spoke Italian glass vessels and labeled with gold crests made by the same company that makes Moët Chandon's champagne labels, at Barneys NYC. I think the black boxes that house the candles are as identifiable as Tiffany blue boxes!!! Over a dozen scents are available but, my favorite is "Ernesto," a clean scent that favors leather, wood, and tobacco. The total package is a wonderful "accessoration" and a divine gift!!!!!!


Who needs a bookcase!!!!!!

 barneys great book pix.JPG
Books, bookcases, book jackets, book stores and especially stacks of books......... I love 'em all!!!! I live surrounded by books, the floors are covered.....there are no table tops left...and bookshelves, of course they're gone too!!!! This spectacularly "propped" window at Barneys screams my mantra......"there can never be tooooo many books!!!!!!!!"

I love great window display almost as much as I love lotsa' books and Barneys is the best!!!!!!!!