Summer Flashback ..... the 2011 De Woody!!!!

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One last summer "accessoration" fling ...... at Amagansett Beach!!!!

I adore "art accessorations" and was especially enamored 
by the new "DeWoody"!!!!

Artist Peter Dayton,
inspired by 1950's "woodie wagons,"
created "car contact-paper" ....
to re-create this playful "beach buggy"
creative director and co-founder of 
a fabulous new website joining art & commerce, 
that mixes on-line shopping with bricks 'n mortar!!!

The car is divine ......
and I'm sure the new "art accessorations" at 
Grey Area's December pop-up shop  
will be fabulous too!!!!

"Hunt & Chase" ......... @ Salomon Contemporary!!!

Concrete & acrylic paint, 84 x 18 x 29 in


ROBERT BECK, The Family Photo ("Christmas 1968"), 1999
Fuiji pictography & deer leg frame, 14 x 16 in


KIMBERLY HART, Spectre, 2009
Fabric & feathers, dimensions variable


PIA DEHNE, Bow Hunter, 2009
Oil on canvas, 54 x 88 in


STEVEN & WILLIAM, Bunny Down, 2010
Archival paperboard, fabric, beads, & metal, 9 x 6 x 14 in


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MICHAEL COMBS, Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, 2010
Carved wood, dimensions variable


HOLTON ROWER, Untitled, 2010
$$$ dollar bills, dimensions variable


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SEBASTIÅN ERRAZURIZ, Twin Towers on Double Trouble, 2008
Plastic, wood, & acrylic, 23 x 22 x 6 in


ALICE HOPE, Stockpiling, 1009-10
Steel plates, magnets, & BBs, Dimensions variable


ROBERT NEUMAN, Lame Deer Big Eagle, 2007
Oil on linen, 51 x 42 in


GUERRA DE LA PAZ, Martyr, 2007
Mixed media, 120 x 96 x 14 in


"Hunt & Chase" at Salomon Contemporary, East Hampton was co-curated by  Beth Rudin DeWoody and gallery owner James Salomon. Beth, known for her enormous passion for art, is the ultimate art collector ........ buying only what she loves without thought of profit (rare in this market!!), she adores both art and artists. She is excited by what she sees and inspires the creative process in the artists she meets. Having curated several gallery shows, this is her first collaboration. The exhibition is interesting and eclectic .... flowing easily, clearly the result of the compatible natures of Beth and James. Featuring over 30 contemporary artists in a variety of media including video, sculpture, painting, photography, assemblage, and works on paper the show will be on until August 15, 2010.


"The exhibition focuses on both the accessible and unobtainable with works that demonstrate the hunt and chase of humans, animals, objects or the intangible: and illuminates emotions and subjects associated with the persuit- impulse, fear, desire, competition, force, and endurance." The work varies from classically literal pieces with a twist, to more abstract applications of the premise. Going beyond the expected hunting imagery, the works are often provocative and unusual ...... beneath the surface of the usually associated imagery.