Lindsey Adelman's Clamp Lights @ The Future Perfect!

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NYC designer 
created this stunning collection of
"Clamp Lights" sold exclusively
at the divine NYC design emporium/gallery ......

Lindsey sources industrial vintage clamps, 
brass plates them, 
and lead glass blower 
blows the molten glass into forms that 
naturally "slump" into these bulb-like shapes ....
and the clamps are then attached 
as the glass cools!!!

The fixtures are spectacular ....
whether in a group or individually,
they are absolutely an "accessoration supreme"
and an "accessorator must-have"!!!

Mario Bellini's Designs for Venini Spanning a Decade!!!

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SOGNI INFRANTI, 1992 Mario Bellini


CHIMERE work in progress, 2012 Mario Bellini


I love the vibrancy & grace of blown glass 
and was once again enchanted by 
exhibition during Milan Design Week.
(see blog 4/21/11)

It was held at the divine Museo Bagatti Valsecchi,
a stunning "house museum" on Via Gesu,
in the middle of Milan's shopping mecca,
between Via Monte Napoleone & Via Spiga!!!      

Titled "The White Collection," 
this extraordinary selection of "glass art" includes 
renown international designers,
including Japanese architect Tadao Ando
Italian designer Alessandro Mendini,
and English designers Barber & Osgerby
who most recently designed the 2012 Olympic Torch.

I was most captivated by the two collections, 
created 10 years apart, by Italian designer & architect

All six pieces are sublime ....
the over-the-top whimsey & color in the earlier series 
is a revered "accessoration supreme," 
while  the more minimal, sculptural shapes & colors of 2012 
 have a more contemporary feeling.

I can't make a "must-have" decision ....
& would be equally thrilled 
by anyone of these pieces
"accessorating" my living room!!!

A million, zillion colors to light up your life and the life of others!!!!

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The world is a very, very, very small place...even coast to coast!!! My friend Jill Smith showed me these delicious votive holders from glassybaby.....then my friend Jimmy Marden, told me that his sister in Seattle, Patrice, has a best friend who makes a great product that I should know about........guess what..... glassybaby again!!!! There are no coincidences..... the time has come to write about these spectacular, colored glass votives....with a heart of gold!!


This is an incredible story of courage, fight, determination, strength, and giving back!! Lee Rhodes is an amazing woman.... three time cancer survivor, mother of three, and entrepreneur.  Ten years ago Lee was diagnosed with a very rare form of lung cancer. Trying to bring some calm and peace into the life of her family, she bought her then-husband a series of glass blowing lessons as a stress reliever. He brought home a series of small,  colorful glass containers. "Lee placed tea lights in them and spread them around her home, feeling the chaos become calm...and glassybaby was born."  


Fast forward to 2009.....glassybaby is a multi-million dollar business with three stores, as well as an extensive website. Lee employs more than 25 glass blowers, working seven days a week, producing in excess of 1000 "babies" weekly!!! Cureently there are over 70 hand blown colors available and if there are additional colors that
you can think of just tell Lee!!!


I think more than the "gift of glass"  that Lee brings to the world, is the "gift of giving back" apparently, so much a part of who she is. She has created glassybaby goodwill, "a select group of colors that benefit local and national organizations contributing to cancer patients and cancer research."  


Thank goodness for coincidence......Lee Rhodes is an amazing woman, an inspiration to us all in so many ways.....I am so thrilled that our paths have crossed and I look forward to meeting her in Seattle next month!!!


And of course, I cannot forget....... 70 colors of votives are an "accessorator's dream!!!!!!!"