2013 "Accessoration Trend" ..... Hiding In Plain Sight!!!

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All of a sudden it's everywhere!!!!
Camouflage has invaded my head & my 'hood!!!!

It all started with these two delightful chairs in
House Beautiful's Dec/Jan issue ....
I desperately coveted them!!!!

Then, I went to visit my niece in Buffalo ....
& saw artist Jim Hodges'  
fabulous stainless steel & enamel
camouflage sculpture 
in front of the 

Three day later, at a decadently delicious dinner 
at a friend's fabulous new house 
 I fell madly in love with Chinese artist 
"self-camouflaged" photographs!!!

The next sighting was at NYC's D&D Building,
where I visited fabric & wallpaper "star" 
& this stunning linen fabric called to me, 
insisting it had to recover my dining chairs!!!

OH, I almost forgot
my sighting of Wall Street's famous Charging Bull 
"redressed" in crochet camouflage by 
the avante-garde artist Olek ...
but, then again, 
she "re-dresses"everything in camouflage!!!

Two days ago, I was visiting the divine WR
as he was packing his "Boy Birken," 
a divine monogramed L.L. Bean camouflage tote,
giving camouflage the ultimate 
"fashion approval rating"!!!

FINALLY, I got home last night,
after days & days of being inundated 
with "camouflage," .
& this gigantic High Line Billboard  
greeted me with artist 
"American Dream" .....
an homage of "Chrysler camouflage"!!!

As an "accessorator supreme"
all this intense camouflage imagery 
can only mean one thing .....
A TREND .....