Totems ......... A Sudden Trend or Just Eye-Candy????

IMG_6211 NYC.jpg

Joseph Conforti.jpg
I have been seeing a number of  "totems accessorations" ......
both interior & exterior, 
in neutrals & colors, 
as single works & in multiples of 3 or 5!!!!


They include works by known & unknown artists .......
ceramic totems by Joseph Conforti, 
sculptural totem by NYC artist Carmen McLeod, 
recycled plastic totems by Australian artist John Dahlsen, 
and ethic totems by African, American Indian, & Eskimo carvers!!!!!
I have seen them in Aspen, Australia, Boston, Brooklyn, & NYC ......... and even in the lobby of my apartment building!!!!

Am I really seeing a trend ........ or am I creating one ?????


The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #16!!!

#14  is a gift that should certainly be under my tree!!!!


Artist Carmen McLeod has emerged onto the NYC art scene with a soft bang!!!! 
Her work is quietly dynamic ....
crossing traditional boundaries of painting & sculpture.
Her first solo exhibition for CRG Gallery is their "booth" at the VIP Art Fair.


Carmen is an immediate "hurry, must see" .....
And if you're very lucky there might even be a piece to buy!!!!