Ori Gersht's Video, "Big Bang" Blankets Times Square!!!

are presenting the first 
"Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery"
featuring London-based photographer
2006 digital film 

The film will appear daily during the month of April,
on a dozen signs 
surrounding Times Square,
at 11:57 PM.

This stunning film, 
appearing over several minutes,
re-creates a floral still-life composition
in the style of an Old Master painting,
which then explodes in slow motion.

Last night was the "incredible" first blow up!!!

It played on screens that included ..... 

This is an absolute "MUST SEE" for all New Yorkers
and our guests!!!

It reminds us 
that there is really only one .....

Alexandre da Cunha's First NYC Show @ CRG Gallery!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_2582.jpg
mop heads, dye, curtain rod 
68 7/8 x 41 3/8 x 6 1/4 inches


mop heads, dye, fittings
106 1/4 x 64 1/8 x 4 3/4 inches


Brazilian born, London based artist 
first show in NYC,
is at CRG Gallery.

"Da Cunha takes everyday objects- 
beach towels, curtain railings, mop heads-
and turns them into sculpture that, at a cursory glance,
ask to be considered formally,
with Modernist and Minimalist language."

The KENTUCKY PIED DE POULE series refers to
the elegantly woven tapestries 
that are made from dyed mop heads!!!

"Kentucky" is the brand of the mop,
while "pied de poule" is French 
for the houndstooth pattern, 
created by the woven mops!!!

Da Cunha's improvisational & interesting use of 
traditional commercial objects
that are transformed into daring "works of art,"
makes this extraordinary exhibition
an accessorator's "must-see"!!!

"Tempest' by Brian Tolle @ the Bass Museum, Miami!!!

Artist Brian Tolle's newest permanent site-specific sculpture, "Tempest," appears as an island of flowing of water, an oasis in front of Miami Beach's Bass Museum. Situated among a group of palm tress, in the newly refurbished Collins Park, Tolle has created a spiral maze of blue fiberglass waves, encapsulated by white powder coated aluminum. In addition to the movement created by sculpting the fiber glass, the artist asks the viewer to be an active participation in the piece's movement, by creating a maze. In addition to changing as people walk around it, at night the work takes a dramatic  and erie turn when the LED lights go on.


I am fascinated by Brian's public sculptures (blog 7/13/10). 
His application of theme, his inspiration of time, 
variety of materials, light, & space
all create innovative & interesting site-specific works.

I Have Finally Been Struck Speechless!!!!

IF BRICKS WERE BIRDS 2011, 84 x 72 inches


THE FUTURE 2010, 78 x 156 inches, in two parts


EMPIRE 2011, 108 x 84 inches


A SLIGHT DISAPPEARANCE 2010, 84 x 96 inches


HORRID TORRID TIMES 2011, 84 x 84 inches


TEXOMA 2011, 84 x 144 inches, in two parts


CURTAIN 2010, 84 x 108 inches


LA based artist Tomory Dodge's show, 
February 24 to April 2,2010,
at CRG Gallery NYC,
is extraordinary !!!!


Words & photographs cannot do it justice .....
it's a must see ........ SPECTACULAR!!!


The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #16!!!

#14  is a gift that should certainly be under my tree!!!!


Artist Carmen McLeod has emerged onto the NYC art scene with a soft bang!!!! 
Her work is quietly dynamic ....
crossing traditional boundaries of painting & sculpture.
Her first solo exhibition for CRG Gallery is their "booth" at the VIP Art Fair.


Carmen is an immediate "hurry, must see" .....
And if you're very lucky there might even be a piece to buy!!!!