Liliana Ovalle.....Inspired by Mexico City's Homeless!!!

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Inspiration is all around us ....... in 2006, for her graduate degree show at the RCA London, Mexican designer Liliana Ovalle presented a collection of furniture, the Mugroso Series. Inspired by the "improvised" furniture created by the homeless in Mexico City, she continued working on the series when she returned home.


"The Mugroso Series are based on photographic research where I explored the hectic historical centre of Mexico City, portraying scenarios of improvisation and poverty, where people find the ways of putting bits and rubbish together in order to compose functional everyday objects. The objects grow in what appears to be random and sometimes absurd compositions, following no planning or safety concerns. The results are beautiful collages of bright plastic colors and filthy bits of different materials, each one connected differently."


I saw this recent addition to the collection at Design Miami. The theme touched my heart, and I found the piece visually stimulating and beautiful. Starting with a metal frame, adding wooden slats as the base, Liliana "upholstered" the chair by randomly knotting and tying feather stuffed "bean bag pillows" and assorted textiles to the frame. Pillows are one of my favorite "accessorations" and "flooding" this chair with them looks stunning to me!!!! Another amazing piece for a beach house!!!


Design Miami #4 .... My Most, Most Favorite Thing !!!!!



Workshop Workshop, a factory and salon created by artist Jim Drain, poet P. Scott Cunningham and sculptor Graham Hudson, produces zines that respond to Design Miami/ itself - it's participants, objects, conversations, histories, narratives, belief-systems and forms. Even the detritus of the tent's construction has been put to use by Hudson, who is  in the act of constructing the space using remnant lumber, rubber, plastic and furniture - anything the fair and the city (the larger fair) has cast off.


Drain, Cunningham and Hudson will draw from a rotating - and ever-expanding - crew of local and international artists, designers and writers, in order to produce as many zines as it can during the length of the fair, with as diverse a range of content as possible.


1. An abbreviation of the word fanzine or magazine.
2. A handmade journal, with small circulation and hyperlocal aesthetics, that maximize the two dimensional intersection of image and text, using both original and appropriated content.
3. Any self-published work of minority interest reproduced via photocopier.


The above text is transcribed directly from the written description of this project at Design Miami. It was amazing to walk around this space, talk to the various "creators" involved and watch the daily creation of the zine. The space was divine in its unique chaos and the results were spectacular pieces of "art.".  This "accessorator" was transfixed and impressed by the entire process!!!!

Design Miami #2 .... Designer of the Year!!!!!



Dutch designer, Maarten Baas is the 2009 Design Miami Designer of the Year. At 31 years old, his work already had an enormous impact on the design world. According to Design Miami Associate Director Wava Carpenter, "His work has transformed the way collectors understand the landscape of contemporary design and has opened the market to a younger generation of designers. Baas pioneered the way with his first collection Smoke , his graduation project which became an international design sensation through his collaboration with New York gallerist Murray Moss."


For Miami, Baas has created an installation that includes a selection of pieces from earlier collections (the 2 horizontal images above), as well as various items that have influenced his process. His Cabinet of Curiosities is completed by the newly fabricated piece, Real TimeThis work features an outer shell of irregularly shaped welded steel, surrounding a refined, well polished wooden interior. According to Design Miami Director Ambra Medda, the new work looks "like abstract monsters behaving like cabinets." It could easily have been a drawing from Where The Wild Things Are come to life!!!!" Originally conceived as a collection of cabinets, the difficulty in creating this piece has resulted in Maarten's decision to only create this single, unique "monster!!!" As he said......."NEVER AGAIN!!!"