HB Dollhouse for the Launch of Curbed National!!!

I love working with my new House Beautiful E.I.C Newell Turner ....... and when he asked my thoughts about Curb National's launch project, Operation Dollhouse, (they had sent six shelter magazine E-I-C's dollhouses to decorate!!!!) I made a suggestion ..... AND ....... he took it to heart and this is the result!!!!


I suggested the house be decoupaged with HB pages ...... the walls covered with the wall pix from the magazine ..... the furniture be covered in black & white magazine text ...... and the outside be logos!!! Well, Newell took it beyond my wildest dream ...... and used the famous "All About Blue" issue as the jumping off point!!!! The dollhouse was covered completely by the magazine's incredible staff ....... bonding over a glue pot and endless decoupaging!!! The final photographs were taken in the style of artist Laurie Simmons (another thought I had!) and the result is amazing!!!!! Look at the itty bitty books & magazines .......  the sweet paper baby pillows ..... and the rugs ........ SOOOOOOOO GREAT!!!


 I am sooooo impressed and am thrilled to be a part of this divine team!!!