The Ultimate "Accessoration" Book ....... DISH!!!!

Book Jacket.jpg
Shax Riegler, features editor at House Beautiful,
has written the most delicious book .... 
DISH 813 Colorful,Wonderful Dinner Plates.

I am know to love a good dish .... 
whether a dinner plate or a bit of gossip!!!!

And DISH includes intrigues and innovations of manufacturers 
from Meissen & Sévres to Fiestaware & Lenox ...... 
as well as pictures of gorgeous plates!!!

DISH already has a place of honor in my bookcase ..... 

and is a major "must have" for every "accessorator supreme"!!!! 

It's a great Christmas gift too!!!!

A Dinner Table Worth Talking About by Rob Wynne!!!



ARTWARE editions, one of my favorite shopping meccas,
is home to amazing "art accessorations." 

New York artist Rob Wynne has created this unlimited edition of
divine hand painted dinner plates and platters.

The 21 quotes decorating the rims of the 10 1/2" dinner plates 
are pulled from history, literature, poetry, ......
or are original "thoughts" from the artist!!!!

Mix and match phrases as you like ......
making your dinner table an "artist's conversation piece"!!!

The platter is available with 3 different quotes too!!!