Back to Istanbul ...... HAAZ is "Accessorator" Heaven!

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Design & taste are an integral part of shopping in Nisantasi,
an area that combines 
Madison Avenue & Fifth Avenue ....
with Istanbul style!!!!

HAAZ, a divine gallery/concept store that houses 
furniture, design objects, art, and antiques
is in the center of that area.

Featuring an divine international array of "style-mavens" ..... 
including Fornasetti, Tom Dixon, Moroso, 
Paola Navone, & Droog ......
the store is a mecca for 
all things chic!!!
Owner  Gokhan Avcyoglu retail mantra ......
"celebrates all things beautiful in the world of design."

I adored this store ad saw a zillion "must-have's" for my house!!!!!

Remember Flip Books ???? Now, There's a Flip Chair !!!!

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The "accessorator" loves to constantly change and rearrange .... and this chair fits the bill!!!
Reminding me of the flip-books of my childhood ..... it's always in motion!!!!
And I love the idea of changing the patterns endlessly!!!!


Last month at Design Miami/Basel 2010 Dutch design company Droog (see blog 12/1/09 & 12/3/09) presented New York-based designer Stefan Sagmeister's "Darwin Chair." The chair is a free swinging structure that is made up of over 200 sheets of printed Tyvek paper. Functionality is a major attribute of this chair ..... as a page gets dirty, or the owner gets tired of the pattern, it can be changed easily by flipping the pattern to the back or by tearing the page off at the perforation. The concept is similar to a large note pad, where you tear off a page and a new sheet appears with a different pattern. In addition, after tearing the pages off, the remaining perforation builds up to form a comfortable headrest!!!


Design Miami #3 .... A Few of my Favorite Things!!!!

 Mattia Bonetti table at Paul Kasmin Gallery


Tejo Remy Chest of Drawers XS at Droog


Kwangho Lee at Johnson Trading Company


Pedro Friedeberg at Sebastian + Barquet Gallery


Studio Job at VIVID Gallery


Pieke Bergmans at Droog


Julien Carretero at Moss


Design Miami 2009 has a wide selection of galleries, focusing on a variety of designers. I was thrilled to see the mix of iconic pieces, including the Hand Chairs from Pedro Friedeberg and the Drawer Chest from Tejo Remy ....... mixed with the work of newer designers, such as Julien Carretero and Kwangho Lee. Included within this range of design is a wide selection of process, technique, materials and silhouette. All of the work is unique, exciting and interesting ...... a delicious feast for the "accessorator's" eye!!!!!!!!!!!


Design Miami #1 .... Maquette of Droog House !!!!!

I'm spending this week in Miami at the Miami/Basel Art Fair and Design Miami ...... as well as all of the other satellite fairs in town .......... So, be ready for fabulous "accessorations," starting tomorrow!!!!


Droog will present its first house at Design Miami. Commissioned by Amsterdam housing association Ymere and designed by Tokyo-based Atelier Bow Wow, an understated façade conceals an extraordinary interior furnished with Droog products. Imagined for a single, a contemporary family or as a VIP guesthouse, the one-of-a-kind layout is essentially a seamless flow of spaces, each with its own functionality merging with circulation space. Private rooms such as the master and optional guest bed, the bath, the balcony and a sound-proof refuse are amply separated by shared space, creating a unique combination of contact and independence, spaciousness and intimacy.


Eminent Droog products will animate an unassuming interior of light wooden floors and white walls. The house will feature the classic 1991 Ragchair and Milk bottle lamp by Tejo Remy, the Heat wave radiator by Joris Laarman and the Tile kitchen by Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel, and Peter van der Jagt." Droog Press Release

Droog website