Melamine Is Everywhere ..... Even Across The Pond!!!

City of Edinburgh-melamine.jpg
This came from my divine friend SD .....
who's been traveling, traveling, traveling the world 
He finds the most amazing "accessorations"
everywhere ....
& sends them to me!!!

And since I am the "Queen of Melamine" ....
he sent this picture!!!

I matched it up with my 2008 melamine windows!!!
East Hampton vs. Edinburgh ......
What do you think???

Ecologically Inspired "Log Wall" in East Hampton!!!!!

How divine is this "log wall" ...... a unique creation, 
by a famous East Hampton "garden guru" for her own property!!!

Not just stunning ...... but amazingly ecologically exquisite ... 
the logs are trees that have fallen naturally ...... 
then cut and stacked to create the wall!!!

Over time the weight of the wall pulls the trees back into the earth,
nature's way of bringing them back where they belong!!!

I think these walls are innovative & exciting, plus they aide to the survival of our planet!!!!
Not to mention, they are a fabooolous garden "accessoration"!!!!

Happy July 4th .......... from East Hampton!!!!!

Have a great holiday weekend ....... see ya next week!!!!

A,B,C,D.........what letters shall it be?????

front horiz.JPG
best glasses vert.JPG best flipflop horiz.JPG
cutting boards.JPG


napkin horiz.JPG
Twelve years ago, my friend Valerie Smith opened The Monogram Shop in East Hampton.  In a community of rather jaded folks, who thought there was nothing new for them to buy, she curated a remarkable new store! Thinking back to the concept of  a classic monograming shop that she remembered from her days of living in London, she began a non-traditional business! She bought a monograming machine, enlisted her daughter as a partner and "monogramer", and went into business!  The result is East Hampton history, resulting in, I think, the most unique and successful store in our beach community.


In addition to monograms, Valerie writes names, zip codes, street numbers, and various texts on a variety of topics.  Anything can be written, on almost any surface..... including beach bags, towels, cocktail napkins, note pads, kids sweaters, and coasters. Each summer, she adds & subtracts items that are "monogramable," finding wonderful new accessories for her loyal customers. Last year, during the Presidential campaign, there were plastic glasses that had the names of both candidates....and a list was tallied of how many were sold of each. Needless to say the quantity sold by candidate reflected the election results!!! This summer among the  new items and best sellers are cutting boards, white buckets for storing flip flops, and divine plastic glasses with such bon mots as "No Pool," and ""Almost Ocean," codes for where you live and what you have in the Hampton's!!!"


This summer my personal favorite, as a former East Hampton retailer, is the napkin that also works as a store sign.......Unattended children will be given a cup of espresso and a free puppy!!!!