Fantastic Furniture "Works" at the Frieze Art Fair!!!



Jack Hanley Gallery, New York ........
furniture by Folke Koebberling & Martin Kaltwasser


The Breeder Gallery, Athens ........ furniture by Andreas Angelidakis


Kate MacGarry Gallery, London ....... furniture & booth design by Martino Gamper


Greene Naftali Gallery, New York ......... furniture by Gelitin


For the past several years I have added "design" to my collecting & "accessorating"!!!


I feel very strongly that design is a major contemporary art form. Last week, I think one of the most interesting trends at the Frieze Art Fair in London was that international dealer's used furniture from artists, designers, & architects for display, as well as for sale. In addition, today I heard that "design" is playing a major role at the FIAC Fair in Paris too!!!
I love being ahead of the herd ...... and right again!!!!!!!

Stanley Whitney @ Team Gallery ..... Frieze Art Fair!!!



At the Frieze Art Fair in London, New York's Team Gallery showed these stunning works by  64 year old "geometric abstractionist" painter Stanley Whitney, an artist that has been working exclusively with pattern and color for over 40 years. These last 20+ years have been spent with grids of squares, while the previous 20 with grids of circles.


Whitney's "brushy" paintings incorporate solely primary and secondary color palettes. In addition, he divides his canvas into four gridded horizontal slices, then creates blocks within the slices that are surrounded by a single stripe of color. According to his dealer José Freire "he wakes up every morning knowing what he's going to paint .... but he never knows what the painting will look like finished."


The conforming format of the paintings does not hinder their individuality ......
they are extraordinary works & I highly recommend seeing them!!!!!


Gelitin's Divine Stools at Greene Naftali @ Frieze!!!!



I love the Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park, London .........
And I adore these stools from Gelitin, an artists collective ........
featured at NYC's Greene Naftali Gallery.......
Sooooooo up my alley ....
Do I buy one or all four???????

Parquet gets a new life!!!!!

I adored this installation at the Established & Sons London showroom. Currently on view as part of London's Frieze Art Fair, "Wall to Wall" was created by award winning designers Shay Alkaby & Yael Mer, of Raw-Edges Design Studio. This design duo was born in Tel-Aviv, graduated Ron Arad's studio workshops at the Royal Academy in 2006, and are currently living in London, where they are continuing their long cycle of working together. Best known for their award winning "Stack," a drawer/shelving system which is included in the permanent design collections at MOMA and The London Design Museum.  The use of color in that work is exceptional and it is continued in this magical installation ...... using traditional oiled oak herringbone parquet brick flooring to create a multi-colored mosaic floor. The pattern is the result of staining the individual bricks, working from a palette of 15 colors.


By "shaking up" our perceptions of the traditional ...... in this case what a parquet floor should be .... these two designers are taking us on a magical, mystery tour on this permanent "flying carpet."