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ICFF Inaugurates Urban Zen Furniture Collection!!!

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The inaugural Urban Zen Collection created a great buzz at NYC's 
International Contemporary Furniture Fair!!!


Dominic Kozerski & Enrico Bonetti of Bonetti/Kozerski Studio are the design guru's behind Donna Karan's first Urban Zen furniture collection. Designing the handmade furniture from Bali, created from natural materials indigenous to the country, the duo have worked closely with Karan for a number of years and are apt at interpreting her thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Transitioning Karan's well known black and neutral palette, the designers have stained native Balinese teak almost jet black. And their collection of unique tables from gnarled tree trunks and roots is pure Karan!!!  Natural and black linen is the primary textile for upholstery, and woven stripes and tie-dye effects are used for creating patterns. 

The over-all effect of this stunning zen-like collection
is sophisticated and chic ........ 
creating a soothing life-style environment,
definitely infused with the spirit of the divine Donna Karan!!!


Garland Rugs by Amy Helfand ........ @ 2010 ICFF!!!!!

At the ICFF, Brooklyn-based artist/designer Amy Helfand's presented her newest collection of rugs made in Nepal. Titled "Devotion," they are the result of a collection of by images she photographed while traveling in Nepal, overseeing production of her rugs. Amy was moved by the shrines and temples around her, and inspired by the great faith of the Tibetans. The images of the prayer flags resonated strongly with her and she used them as the basis for this collection of hand-knotted rugs, made of Tibetan wools and Chinese silks. These stunning rugs are available in custom sizes and colors.


I adored these rugs, the colors are exception and the movement & flow 
of the designs are stunning!!!!