Brenda Antin's Treasure Trove of Fabulousity in LA!!!


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The very British Brenda Antin is the most divine, 
delightful,& delicious "shopkeeper" in LA
& her eponymous shop is fantastically fabulous, 
& a designer's "trade secret"!!!
The store is a unique blend of vintage & new ....
including a melange of French & English & Italian antique 
furniture, lamps, & accessories!!!
Plus Brenda's "own" stunning custom collection 
of linen (natural & over-dyed) upholstered furniture!!!
She has also created extraordinary wicker furniture 
that she manufactures in LA!!!
And there is also a stunning selection 
of bespoke pillows!!!
BUT, I am most in awe of her enormous collection 
of vintage textiles!!!
Traveling to France, England, & Italy, 
I'm sure Brenda & her husband Mike 
never met a piece of linen, toile, or ticking 
that they didn't ship back to LA!!!
In her upstairs loft, this "textile junkie" 
also has a secret trove of goodies
from around the world .....
including incredible indigos, India quilts, 
& Japanese silks!!!
Brenda is the ultimate "accessorator supreme" 
& a "must-meet" in LA!!!!
An old-fashioned kinda' girl,
Brenda has no website ...
but can be reached at