Laura Bethan Wood .... An "Accessorator Supreme"!!!



I adore the work of English designer
& have been a major "groupie" for several years.

Her recent nomination, in two categories, 
for Designer of the Year 
by London's Design Museum is well deserved!!!

Bethan is nominated in the furniture category for her 
laminated marquetry furniture collection 
"MOON ROCK, created exclusively for Milan's 
This series is inspired by "craters of the moon 
& the composition of the solar system." 

In addition, these spectacular patterns 
inspired the stunning textiles 
that made Bethan a beguiling, walking "lunar landscape" 
during the  Milan Furniture Fair!!!

Bethan's jewelry collection "PARTICLE" ...... 
which I was lucky enough to see at the "Composite" show 
during London Design Week ....... 
began as a way to salvage the "leftover bits"
from her "PARTICLE" furniture series. 
It has expanded to an extensive 
collection of stunning bracelets & necklaces!!! 

Bethan's work is included in the 
"Designers of the Year 2012" exhibition, opening 
tomorrow at London's Design Museum!!!!

This is a "must see" exhibition for all 
dedicated "accessorators"!!!

Stuart Haygarth ............. Back to the V&A!!!!!!!!!

Currently for the London Design Festival, British designer Stuart Haygarth has installed picture frame "cut-offs" on either side of a marble staircase at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Titled "Framed," the installation is created from frame pieces supplied by London framer John James. Creating a zig-zag pattern, the piece takes me back to the frame wall I saw  in Atlanta last week (see blog 9/16/10).


Suddenly I am seeing frame bits everywhere ...........
a trend perhaps??????

"Revivalizing" with light!!!!

Thumbnail image for rev02 jpeg.jpg
Award winning English designer, Lee Broom created his first furniture collections in 2007 and 2008. Called "Neo Neon" and  "Rough Diamond," the pieces were shown at the London Design Festival. Previously known exclusively for his dynamic designs of bars and clubs, Broom jumped into the furniture business with a highly narrative eye and flair for the unusual....... and he never looked back!!! In his two collections, "Lee transformed vintage furniture in it's original condition by adorning each piece strikingly with light." Both, the discarded luminaire bergere chair and the luminaire club chair have been reclaimed into sculptural works without changing their appearance, rather Broom has depended upon the element of light to bring them into this generationThe time-worn bergere relies on the addition of neon tubing, while the aged club twinkles from the addition of an array of fairground light bulbs. Both pieces rely on their iconic history, while being updated and having an air of whimsey!!!


The chairs were re-exhibited this month in London, at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, in an exhibition called "The Revivalists."  This exhibition, running concurrent to this years design festival, was curated by English design commentator Max Fraser. It reflects one of the design trends that he includes in his excellent new handbook to the London design community, LONDON DESIGN GUIDE 2010. In the book, Fraser divides the English design community into five "tribes,"  including..... the new modernists, the escapists, the reactivists, the digitalists, and the revivalists. In essence, "the revivalists are designers that celebrate nostalgia or set about subverting traditions" and these chairs are excellent examples of this "celebration!!!"