Paola Navone "Accessorates" Merci, Paris In Milan!!!

One of my favorite designers
has become the "accesoartor" supreme 
for the Merci pop-up store 
that arrived in Milan yesterday ....
to be part of 

I adore Navone's bold combinations of 
black & white graphic designs!!!

They are a wonderful compliment 
to the merchandise selection
that the concept store Merci is know for!!!!
(see blog 11/11/09)

Dinnerware Design for Charity ...... @ Merci, Paris!!!

I paid another visit to Merci (blog 11/11/09) and again was very take with 
Marie-France & Bernard Cohen's creative concept of "giving back."  


My favorite thing on this visit was this divinely designed dinnerware by French product designer Jean Marc Gady. Attaching a series of different size white porcelain plates creates a wonderful venue for a meal of "small plates" or tapas, a trend that is very au courant and exactly how I love to eat!!!!


I love the idea that Merci features a collection of different products 
on every  visit ............  from fashion to home & more!!!!

4 Days In Paris ...... the Hotel Recamier & More!!!!!!!

front jpeg.jpg

I spent last week in Paris and it was divine!!!! I stayed at the Hotel Recamier, a wonderful newly renovated, boutique hotel in the Place St. Suplice. It was recommended by my friend, the au courant E-I-C, and as usual, he was right ..... it was fabulous !!!! ! The hotel has been redesigned by interior designer Jean Louis Deniot, who in addition to creating the stunning public spaces, was inspired to design 24 entirely different rooms. He successfully blends an eclectic mix of 20th century decorative styles, creating "Parisian elegance, neither hyper exuberance nor minimalism" ....... but clearly contemporary chic with a French accent!!! In addition, this charming "bijou" is owned by Sylvie de Lattre, a hotelier who pays special attention to each guest ...... making you feel that you are a treasured friend visiting her wonderful home!!!


I "accessorated"  all over Paris.... lunch at my most favorite cafe- the Croix Rouge, vintage shopping at Catherine B, a quick trip to the fabulous Merci on the Blvd. Beaumarchais, a visit to the new L'Eclaireur for women and of course a return to the men's store (bought gorgeous summer scarves!!), I saw my favorite lamp at Perimeter Gallerie, met Oliver the director of School Gallery (bought a fabulous drawing), had a wonderful lunch at TCH'A (the maison de the), found Arty Dandy on the Rue de Furstemberg (they were out of the KARL WHO t-shirts!), picked up breat at Poilane, book shopped at La Hume, and had an amazing dinner at L'Timbre .......


That's just a hint of my "accesorations" ......... much, much more to follow this week!!!!!!!!


More Beirut Buzz......Bokja's Mix of Color & Pattern!!!

Bokja_Beirut Store - interior 2.jpg
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I have always adored the unique pieces of furniture from the Lebanese furniture company Bokja, the brainchild of Huda Baroudi and Marie Hibri. I first heard of the collection from a Lebanese friend who was renovating her apartment. Her architect sister, who had designed the space, took her to meet these two wonderful woman and see their furniture. The result, an immediate match was made and a stunning vintage chaise, covered in a patchwork of antique suzani textiles was sent to New York. I must admit I was very jealous when I saw it ...... it is sooooooo me!!!!!I 


Since thenI have been following the company with a passion!!! I have seen the collection in New York City at ABC Carpet & Home; in Miami, in 2008 at Design Miami; in Milan at Spazio Rossana Orlandi; last fall in Paris at Merci; and in London at Gallery Fumi. Finally, last month I was in the new Bokja store in Beirut and met Hoda!!!! She was charming and of course, as is the case in Beirut, we had friends in common...... but, most importantly, she remembered the chaise that had come to NYC!!!!! We chatted, I learned more about the company, and fell in love with a number of pieces in the store!!!


Bokja is not the new kid on the block ........ Hoda and Marie's partnership began in 2000, when textile collector Huda, put a piece of Uzbek tapestry over one of Marie's antique chairs, to get a better look at it ..... and a collaboration was born!!! The charming, eclectic furniture combines extraordinary textiles from all over the middle east, a melange of color, patten, and often needlework, with antique furniture from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Each bespoke piece of furniture tells a different story and the narrative results in a name and "passport" specific to the piece.


Linking old and new, repurposing both the textiles and the "used" furniture ..... this riot of colour and pattern, the incredible sense of history in the textiles, and the wonderful shapes make these pieces so special ......  they are the ultimate "accessoration" for any room!!!!!!!