Milan ..... A Cacophony of Color Everywhere I Look!!!!

IMG_1905 copy.jpg
Milan was a treasure trove of divine design & a collage of color!!!
I was in "accessorator" heaven for the entire week!!!
Wouldn't you have been????

Midnight Musings from the Accessorator.......#5

I never thought about volcano's before ...... maybe Pompeii when 
I was about 10 ....... but, this new unpronounceably-named
volcano has me in it's clutches!!!!!! 


I am caught in Milan, and am beginning to feel I should meet with a real estate broker to find a palazzo!!!!! The good news is that I have a hotel suite with two friends who are rapidly becoming my newest BFF's, and the ability to get into the best restaurant in town ....... BAGUTTA ....... a must in a crisis like this!!!!!! I also have more than enough "accessorator" information from London & Milan to write indefinitely!!!!!! 


Hopefully I'll be home soon ....... but anyway, I can keep 
chattering about all the great "accessorations" in 
the world from anywhere!!!! 

No two are the same!!!!!

I love notebooks..... do I have a hidden desire to write down my deepest thoughts or do I just love to doodle????? Doodling wins!!! In my travels, I found this Artroomnotebook project from the fantastical studio of Italian designer Sergio Calatroni!!! They are part of a project of 100 unique, handmade notebooks that were created between 2005 and 2009 for promotional use. The covers are unique inkjet prints, on high quality paper. They were then covered with mat PVC for protection and tied with various multicolor wool string or elastic cords.


After looking at a number of projects from Sergio Calatroni's Artroom......I realized there is a great deal of work with pattern and color that I find highly seductive and off beat...starting with the website!!!!! A MUST SEE!!!


Rolling Racks or Bookcases, does it matter?????


full vert.JPG
empty vert.JPG


My affinity for book shelves is a very well documented fact and rolling racks only come to mind for me when I think about packing, changing closets, moving, or the cheapest, fastest way to build a store! But, never have I thought about them both at the same time, or as having any relationship to each other......until I visited my friend Nicoletta at my favorite design store, Rossana Orlandi, in Milan. I think the correct name for these units should be "book racks".....bookcases that can be added to or subtracted from with these shelves that hang on to one another. They can be any length or as wide as you need them to be....just add another rack!! The "shelves" are sold in packages of 12 hangers.... you provide the rolling racks yourself!


I think this shelving system is one of those terrific ideas that we all wish we had though least I wish I had!!!