Phoebe Washburn Installation @ Zach Feuer Gallery!

Apparently I am once again ......  one day behind the NY Times!!!

Filling the Zach Feuer Gallery, artist Phoebe Washburn's installation "Nunderwatr Nort Lab" which explores her interest in "systems based on patterns of production often created by inefficiency." In this case she is examining the unrelated activities of art and lunch!!! In this piece the viewer will observe and smell lunch being made inside the installation, as well as watch it being eaten!!

"The main structure, composed of blocks of scrap wood, that has been repurposed and then ordered from previous installations, contains observational 'worm holes' that extend into the structure from which visitors can glean, in addition to hear and smell, bits of the activities occurring inside."

I find it Washburn's constructions to be a visual feast ....
in addition to being an ecological statement ...
and every time I look at her pieces, 
I see something else ......
I especially love peering into the 'worm holes'!!!

The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #15!!!

Laurie Simmons.jpg
Laurie Simmons  "Cookie Tree" 2009


Phoebe Washburn.jpg
Phoebe Washburn "Wood Wall as Safari Vest as Tree" 2008


Fred Tomaselli.jpg
Fred Tomaselli "Tree" 2008
Marilyn Minter tree.jpg
Marilyn Minter "merry merry" 2007


#15 is for those of us who hate the mess of Christmas trees ........
but love the look!!!!


These limited edition, dye cut, vinyl wall sticker Christmas trees ........
part of a collection designed by "artists we adore" .......
are from from Artware Editions.
No fuss, no muss, no bother after Christmas & totally recyclable!!!! 
Apply these life-size trees directly to the wall ....
by either removing the paper back or simply pinning them to your wall!!


Also, a clever gift for our chic art-collecting friends .....
who have everything!!!!