London ........ Exciting Design @ Gallery Fumi!!!!

Pieke Bergmans, "Light Bulb Installation" each unique


Thomas Lemut, "Table Basse" table created from 15 different metals, unique


Max Lamb, yellow polystyrene tables coated in rubber, unique


Phillip Maloun, "Rocco" recliner in powder coated steel and nylon, edition of 4


Stephen Johnson, assorted brass plated found-object sculptures, unique


Studio Glithero, "Les French Family" 10 paper wrapped cabinets on 
bronze cast bamboo stands, unique


Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt, owners of the Gallery Fumi, have put together a collection of work from some of the finest, emerging & established designers in the contemporary design world. The gallery, opened in early 2008, is a well-lite, two story, bare-brick walled space that "plays nicely" with the work that is exhibited!!!! Included in the well-curated collection is furniture, lighting, accessories, and artworks.


For these gallerists, design is the "art-form" they have chosen to collect ..... and they have  selected to exhibit the work of designer's, whose pieces they would have in their own personal collection. They commission pieces exclusively for the gallery, both unique works and limited editions. The result of their selection is a very well edited collection of interesting, innovative, and exciting designs. Included in the galleries list of international artists is Max Lamb, Raw Edges, Nacho CarbonellPaul Kelley, Kranen/Gille Studio, and Federico Uribe. In addition, they have worked with both the Royal College of Art in London and ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland on a project, An Object Which Enables Reflection, where students competed with each other to rethink the mirror. The project was judged by a panel of "design experts" and the winning prototypes were exhibited at the gallery.


Valerio and Sam are not trapped by "old think," they have no preconceived ideas, and are creative in their exploration of the concept of a gallery. They are working from the heart, fearlessly ....... showing innovative, new design in a very difficult financial environment. I applaud their enthusiasm, creativity, and taste!!!!!


I am madly in-love with the "dripping" bulb pieces by Pieke Bergman and  
can't wait to have one in my house!!!!!!


Milan 2010 #2.......7 Light Objects by a Dynamic Duo!!!

Drawings of the 7 light objects


"Light Bulbs" from Pieke Bergmans 


Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans (see blog 12/3/09) joins Dutch design studio, Studio Job (see blog 12/3/09) to create Wonderlamp, a collection of 7 light objects. The pieces were done in associate with Milanese gallery Dilmos and will be presented next month at the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair.


Studio Job is known to create fantasy, over-sized cast bronze objects and Pieke Bergmans, who works with a wide variety of materials, has used handblown glass to create amorphous shaped objects, including vases slipping off a table (see blog 12/3/09) and "melting or deflating"  light bulbs. Their current collaboration combines a variety of her large blown-glass light bulbs with the monumental "ordinary" objects (including a teapot, a flash light, and a pipe) made by Sudio Job. Combining fantasy and reality, these pieces will definitely be among the most interesting and imaginative works in Milan.


I can't wait to see these "design/art accessorations" and look forward to showing you images of the actual pieces from Milan!!!


Design Miami #3 .... A Few of my Favorite Things!!!!

 Mattia Bonetti table at Paul Kasmin Gallery


Tejo Remy Chest of Drawers XS at Droog


Kwangho Lee at Johnson Trading Company


Pedro Friedeberg at Sebastian + Barquet Gallery


Studio Job at VIVID Gallery


Pieke Bergmans at Droog


Julien Carretero at Moss


Design Miami 2009 has a wide selection of galleries, focusing on a variety of designers. I was thrilled to see the mix of iconic pieces, including the Hand Chairs from Pedro Friedeberg and the Drawer Chest from Tejo Remy ....... mixed with the work of newer designers, such as Julien Carretero and Kwangho Lee. Included within this range of design is a wide selection of process, technique, materials and silhouette. All of the work is unique, exciting and interesting ...... a delicious feast for the "accessorator's" eye!!!!!!!!!!!


Melting Bookcases!!!

detail 1.jpg
Shelf systems have always fascinated me.......there are so many design choices and a multitude of ways to accessorize them!!!!  The Melted Collection by Dutch designers, Pieke Bergmans & Peter Van der Jagt, presented at Experimentadesign in Lisbonincludes one of the most modern, unique and interesting shelf concepts I have  seen. Formed from polystyrene foam that has been baked, the structures, also including chairs, stools, and cabinets, are permanent, strong, secure, and durable. In addition to setting the form of the system, the heating process melts the edges into natural seams and creates a slight gradation of color. These designers are very comfortable with the concept of altering traditional expectation of materials  and surface. The result of their "surface play" is most often "playful" in form!!!!