Stanley Whitney @ Team Gallery ..... Frieze Art Fair!!!



At the Frieze Art Fair in London, New York's Team Gallery showed these stunning works by  64 year old "geometric abstractionist" painter Stanley Whitney, an artist that has been working exclusively with pattern and color for over 40 years. These last 20+ years have been spent with grids of squares, while the previous 20 with grids of circles.


Whitney's "brushy" paintings incorporate solely primary and secondary color palettes. In addition, he divides his canvas into four gridded horizontal slices, then creates blocks within the slices that are surrounded by a single stripe of color. According to his dealer José Freire "he wakes up every morning knowing what he's going to paint .... but he never knows what the painting will look like finished."


The conforming format of the paintings does not hinder their individuality ......
they are extraordinary works & I highly recommend seeing them!!!!!