My Couch Obsession Moves to London @ Frieze Fair!!!



I am obsessed with these couches from artist Rob Pruitt!!!

They were at last week's Frieze Art Fair in London,

as part of Pruitt's installation at NY gallery

Gavin Brown Enterprise!!!


They are each unique & truly accessorator

"must-haves" ....... immediately!!!

Three coins in this fountain???

tire fount vert wet.JPG
In 2008 French-born landscape designer, Nathalie Karg, created a company, Cumulus Studios, that invites emerging and established contemporary artists to create functional objects for the outdoors. According to Nathalie "people are looking for whimsy.....gardens should be whimsical." Nathalie's close connection to the art world, she was formally an art advisor, makes her the perfect person to marry functional art and the garden.She has given the artist's complete freedom to create their own personal fantasy, the only limitation being functionality and weather resistance. The result is a delightfully witty selection of garden objects and furniture.


The first collection, previewed this past spring, included eighteen artists. The work is created in very small editions, three for the most part.  The works include.... Rikrit Tiravanija's polished steel and glass ping pong table; Jan Mancuska's metal beach umbrella encircled in text; Mary Heilmann's cabana green table inlaid with broken ceramic; Rob Wynne's mushroom table and chair; Aaron Young's gold chained tire swing; Ugo Rondinone's magical giant scarecrow. One of my particular favorites is this wonderful fountain, pictured above, that is created from tires, by Rob Pruitt. This ecologically correct fountain recycles it's own water, has a simple pump mechanism, and is an edition of 3. I would be thrilled to have it in my garden.......or in the center of my living room!!!!!!


The rest of the pieces in the first collection are equally as inspired.... and according to Nathalie we can expect a new collection for this coming fall!!!!