London ....... Royal Wedding Fever Heats Up In The UK!!!

More news from my London Super Spy!!!!!!

My Big Fat Royal Wedding @
188 Shoreditch High Street
London E1

East End Prints presents "My Big fat Rpyal Wedding" downstairs 
@ MAIDEN, the offbeat gift shop on Shoreditch High Street.

Totally unofficial Royal Wedding merchandise .......
produced from artists, illustrators & designers!!!!!

Sounds great to me!!!!

Jennifer Rubell's "Engagement" Fuels Wedding Fever!!!

RUBELL 1 Engagement_2.jpg
Thumbnail image for RUBELL 1 Engagement_d2.jpg
NYC artist Jennifer Rubell's work is always "engagingly" witty!!!!

Her first London exhibition "Engagement" at 
the Stephen Friedman Gallery 
doesn't disappoint ..... 
"engaging" it's viewers to England's favorite fiancee!!!
In addition to a collection of paintings, "Rubell presents a minutely detailed, life-size was model of Prince William (sculpted by Daniel Druet), mounted off-centre on a low white plinth. William stands in the exact stance seen in coverage of the wedding announcement. The famed engagement ring rest empty however affixed to his forearm. Rubell invites the public to step up into the plinth, slide their arm through William's and slip their finger through the iconic sapphire and diamond ring, first made famous by the Prince's late Mother, Diana."

FYI ...... William & I are already in a frame, sitting on my desk!!!!

Donna Wilson Joins the "The Wedding" Obsession!!!!

Across the pond, they are flush with wedding fever!!!!
Designers are designing all kinds 'a stuff!!!
I think these gloves from Donna Wilson are fabulous!!!
Don't you????

Commemorative Plates For The Royal Wedding!!!!

The English are totally obsessed with Royal Wedding fever ......
& there are going to be a zillion souvenir items,
t- shirts, mugs, p
lates etc ....... 
But, these commemorative "designer plates" are hysterical!!!!

Sent from London by my design-driven pal Martha ......
They are the work of 7 designers for London's KK Outlet ....
And will be available on their website january 15!!!

How many do you want????