Brenda Antin's Treasure Trove of Fabulousity in LA!!!


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The very British Brenda Antin is the most divine, 
delightful,& delicious "shopkeeper" in LA
& her eponymous shop is fantastically fabulous, 
& a designer's "trade secret"!!!
The store is a unique blend of vintage & new ....
including a melange of French & English & Italian antique 
furniture, lamps, & accessories!!!
Plus Brenda's "own" stunning custom collection 
of linen (natural & over-dyed) upholstered furniture!!!
She has also created extraordinary wicker furniture 
that she manufactures in LA!!!
And there is also a stunning selection 
of bespoke pillows!!!
BUT, I am most in awe of her enormous collection 
of vintage textiles!!!
Traveling to France, England, & Italy, 
I'm sure Brenda & her husband Mike 
never met a piece of linen, toile, or ticking 
that they didn't ship back to LA!!!
In her upstairs loft, this "textile junkie" 
also has a secret trove of goodies
from around the world .....
including incredible indigos, India quilts, 
& Japanese silks!!!
Brenda is the ultimate "accessorator supreme" 
& a "must-meet" in LA!!!!
An old-fashioned kinda' girl,
Brenda has no website ...
but can be reached at

Handbag Artistry ...... Reclaimed Custom Couture!!!!

BLACK BEAUTY- Tortoise plastic, open work frame , America circa 1940. 
Black embossed calf, leather lined, braided handle.


CONCUBINE II- Gilt French frame circa 1010.
Japanese silk textile trimmed in black mink.


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SNAKE CHARMER-  Vintage French frame, glass, marcasites, & metal circa 1950.
Python suede embroidered with vintage silver trim.


INDIA DECO- Antique glass hand set, jeweled frame circa 1920.
Antique woven silk textile, unusual deco pattern.


Hand embroidered Chinese silk, carnelian beads.


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CRYSTAL CLUSTER- Chunky lucite fame, hand carved, American circa 1950.
Contemporary French textile trimmed in clusters of multifaceted crystal beads.
Removable hand polished silver chain.


RED FORTUNE- Antique brass filigree frame, American circa 1940.
Asian silk textile with embroidery and hand beading. Silk tassel.


CHOCOLATE BASKET- Amber lucite frame, American circa 1950.
Italian calf with laser cut overlay.


LEWIS & CLARK SATCHEL- Apple juice bakelite frame, American circa 1940.
Natural deerskin, hand stitched with turquoise beading. Vintage silver & turquoise pull.
Hand braided handle.


VINTAGE BAKELITE FRAME- American circa 1940.
Hand painted asian silk


GARDEN OF EDEN- Apple juice bakelite frame, American circa 1940.
Giant python skin purse.


Connecticut handbag designer Joy Liotta Horvathis a serious "accessorator!!" She has designed a collection of unique and stunning "custom couture" handbags, using vintage frames, unusual textiles, and novelty leathers. Her company Gioia Handbags, celebrates "the marriage of handbag artistry and the tradition of creative handiwork."  


I saw these bags over the weekend, and the collection was amazing ...... 
these are several from my immediate "must-have" list!!!!!


A room can never have too many of my most favorite accessories........pillows!!!

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As anyone who knows me knows.....I live for pillows!!!! Pillows have always been my absolutely favorite accessory. My bed overflows with them and my living room is a temple to them! There can never be too many of them!


A number of decades ago I begged to be the pillow buyer at Bloomingdales but, that was never to be! A million years have now passed and I have finally created my own collection of pillows!!! I spent two years putting together a brightly colored and highly patterned selection of vintage Indian textiles & quilts and have made pillows from these unique pieces of cloth.


This past weekend I showed my pillows at the East Hampton Antique Show, where they seem to be very well received!  But, what made it even more exciting for me was to have the opportunity  to show them to Barbara D'Arcy, a legend in the interior design world.  Ms. D'Arcy was the high priestess of the home department of Bloomingdales in the 60's, 70's, and 80's.  She invented the "model room" and made the store the "temple" of interior design that it was.  And guess what......she loved my pillows!!!! I could have had no better affirmation than her delight in my colors and patterns.......after all, it is she who was my idol!!!!! So thank you Ms. D'Arcy....I can't tell you how long i have waited for your praise!!!
Available at j.roaman

Layers of Color & Pattern......My favorite!

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This corner says it all for me ........ 
I adore the colors, textures, and patterns .... 
a dynamic mix .......
For me this says "accessorator!!!!"