Midnight Musings from the Accessorator.......#5

I never thought about volcano's before ...... maybe Pompeii when 
I was about 10 ....... but, this new unpronounceably-named
volcano has me in it's clutches!!!!!! 


I am caught in Milan, and am beginning to feel I should meet with a real estate broker to find a palazzo!!!!! The good news is that I have a hotel suite with two friends who are rapidly becoming my newest BFF's, and the ability to get into the best restaurant in town ....... BAGUTTA ....... a must in a crisis like this!!!!!! I also have more than enough "accessorator" information from London & Milan to write indefinitely!!!!!! 


Hopefully I'll be home soon ....... but anyway, I can keep 
chattering about all the great "accessorations" in 
the world from anywhere!!!!