Just a Bunch of Coconuts ..... by Guyton/Walker!!!!!!

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close up 2.JPG
close up horiz 2.JPG
I am in love with this light fixture ....... I saw it hangs in a double high, glass walled media room on the water in East Hampton!!!! Created by artists Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker, the duo who make up the artistic tag-team Guyton/Walker. The fixture was part of a 2009 exhibition at Greene Naftali Gallery. The chandelier hangs approximately 5 feet long and is a combination of porcelain, light bulbs, sockets, and electrical wires. Each coconut is a ceramic mold, and each mold is created from a different, real coconut!!! The result is that each porcelain coconut is unique!!!! The piece draws reference from previous works that the pair did that included silk screens and inkjet paintings.


This "accessorator" would love to have this in my house ....... only problem is i have no double height ceilings!!!!!