Betty Woodman "Wallpaper" @ FIAC 2013, Paris!!!





I adore the ceramic vessels from artist

Betty Woodman!!!


This weekend in Paris at


I fell head-over-heels in love with her wall piece


exhibited by Berlin's

Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery.


It combines my love of art & design ....

color, pattern, & materials!!!

An "accessoration supreme"!!!

My Couch Obsession Moves to London @ Frieze Fair!!!



I am obsessed with these couches from artist Rob Pruitt!!!

They were at last week's Frieze Art Fair in London,

as part of Pruitt's installation at NY gallery

Gavin Brown Enterprise!!!


They are each unique & truly accessorator

"must-haves" ....... immediately!!! Goes Live .... And It's Smart & Stunning!!!



the premier online guide to Arts, Style, Living,

& Sports in the Middle East,

went live last night!!!


Available in English or Arabic,

"QULTURE'S mission is to become

the premier guide to Qatar

& the region’s changing cultural landscape,

& to create a global dialogue

about the importance of

art & culture in Qatar & the Middle East."


This beautifully designed go-to website

is a "must" for everyone

living, traveling, or doing business

in the region!!!


And the ACCESSORATOR is a contributor ......

a real design must-see!!




Accessorator's Delight ... Maison Martin Margiela!!!



Two of my favorite "accessorations" are books & bookcases!!!


I found this divine combination at the

Maison Martin Margiela on Greenwich Street, NYC.


Isn't is fabulous!!!

We're Celebrating July 4th With a Fabulous Picnic!!!



What could be better than a July 4th picnic

with creatures created by

the delightful English designer

Donna Wilson!!!


These "divine accessorations"  & I wish you a ...

HAPPY JULY 4th!!!!