The Most Fabulous Treasure in Paris is at Hermés!!!!!

Available at the stunning new Hermés at 17 Rue de Sevrés ........
This canvas & leather bag is designed to carry ......

I thought I'd died & gone to heaven when I found this 
ultimate accessoration in Paris last week!!!!!!

Sooooooooo chic!!!!!!

Hermés Modernizes Deco By Bending & Braiding Wood!!!

The primary design element at Hermés is a series of sculptural, 
oversized, freestanding, braided ash wood "huts"!!!
Towering & bending upwards from the swimming pool floor ......
they focus the eye towards the original ceiling of sky lights!!!!

Combining natural light & the lighting designed by RDAI .....
results in a ceiling that feels as if it is under-water!!!!!

In addition, the graceful movement of the ash staircase, 
& the leather-covered handrails, continues the same pool quality,
evoking the movement of water & the motion of waves.

I adore the creativity & innovation at Hermés, rue de Sevrés ....
And sincerely hope you do too!!!! 

Mosaic Detail from Lutetia Pool Defines New Hermés!!!

My biggest fascination at Left Bank's new Hermés is the mosaic detail!!
All of the mosaic work is part of the original Lutetia pool.
I love the color pallet and the mix of patterns ......
especially the metallic touches .......
and the gold & black accents!!!

RDAI re-creation of the mosaic patterns ........ 
for the new metal grillwork of the heating ducts & the 
screen that covers the back wall, shows incredible attention to detail!!!

I took a zillion pictures & was almost crawling on the floor .......
I love these mosaic accessorations .......
they're so contemporary & fresh looking!!!

Hermés Crosses the Seine to 1935 Art Deco Landmark!!!


I am the ultimate Hermés junkie .......

So, my first stop in Paris was the new Hermés on the Left Bank!!

For it's first swim across the Seine ....
Hermes created a luxe, contemporary design masterpiece!!!!
Integrating the art deco landmark details of the 
Hotel Lutetia's swimming pool ......
with modern concepts from RDAI architects .....
Creating unique space with braided ash "huts" .......
& maximizing the incredible volume!!!!

Adding florist, bookstore, & cafe to the luxurious mix!!!
This store is the ultimate MUST-SEE for 2011!!!

17 rue de Sevrés
tel 01 42 22 80 83

2010 ........ Beirut is back and it's Fabulous!!!!!

Christmas 2009 was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I spent two weeks in Beirut, Lebanon visiting friends and it was beyond ....... it is the chicest, most exciting and inviting city, Beyrouth is the most happening spot around!!!!! Apparently Beirut, previously known as the Paris of the Middle East, has regained its title!!!!!!!!!!!!


The city sits on the Mediterranean, a blend of ancient and contemporary culture, architecture, and design, it is surrounded by ancient cities that include Baalbek, Tyre, Byblos, and Tripoli. The weather is spectacular, as the Lebanese constantly remind you, you can go snow-skiing in the morning and water-skiing in the afternoon!!!! The international flavor of Beirut is the result of the mixture of cultures, Christians, Sunni's, and Shites. Lebanese are warm and charming, they love eating and drinking ...... and having a good time!!!! Family and friends of friends are always welcome, and adding additional guests at the last minute is done with ease. Overseas guests are treated as family and always have a wonderful time. Culturally the city is blossoming ..... the year-old Beirut Art Center presents universally acclaimed shows, featuring both Lebanese and international contemporary artists. Ashkal Alwan, founded in 1994, is invested in forging cultural connections between artists residing in Lebanon and overseas. To date, over 450 international artists and museum curators have registered for their presentation of Home Works V in April. Recently, a group of five artists reopened the Metropolis Cinema, a two theatre movie house. They plan to feature a variety of film festivals, and will have a cafe with a cinema library, to serve as a meeting place for film buffs. Beirut's restaurant scene is extensive and varied (see NY TImes 12/29/09), and packed cafes are central to the fiber of the city. There are a number of chic hotels, including The Albergo, a Relais & Chateaux property, and the newly opened Le Grey, owned by international hotelier Gordon Campbell Grey. Shopping is a major pastime for Lebanese women, and there is a wide selection of fabulous international designer boutiques. This past December a new Dior store joined the mix and according to WWD, any major designer without an outpost in Beirut is on the hunt for space ...... even Hermes is opening this fall!!! In addition, Saifi Village, the tasty shopping district downtown will soon be home to the newly renovated souks!!! Currently Saifi includes my favorite home design stores .... Nada Debs and Bokja Design, both a must stop on any Beirut shopping trip .... and also my favorite cafe Balima, designed by Annabel Kassar.


There are no coincidences ....... yesterday, the Sunday NY TIMES Travel Section featured an article about the ancient seaside city of Byblos, the St. Tropez of Lebanon ..... it featured a photograph of this house (above), built by my friend's grandfather. The house has been occupied for the past 30 years!!!! Last Tuesday night at dinner she was telling me about the history of the house and that it had finally been given back to her family by President Michel Sleiman. I was totally intrigued by the house on my last visit and had taken a bunch of pictures ...... and now here it is in the NY TIMES!!!!!!