The Accessorator's Month Fabooolous Gifts - #19!!!

book jacket.jpg
#19  is the gift of an ultimate New York moment!!!!
Imagine a fabooolous Christmas lunch at the Carlyle .......
Cocooned in a banquet, munching on yummie tea sandwiches!!!
And the fabooolous Bemelmans Bar .......
With Ludwig Bemelmans charming illustrations of Miss Clavel,
Madeline and her friends in two straight lines ......
& of course, Genevieve ..... WOOF!!!!


I was lucky to share this delightful moment Sunday!!!!
A special thank you to my divine friend Wendy Goodman!!!!
And the final Fabooolous Gift #20 is ......
Wendy's stunning book...
The World of Gloria Vanderbilt!!!
A must under any tree!!! 
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The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #18!!!









Gift #18 is a gift for all seasons!!!!.


Founded by landscape architect Nathalie Karg in 2008, Cumulus Studios gives established & emerging contemporary artists the freedom to design functional objects for the outdoors!!!
Functionality & weather resistance are the only limitations!!!
These limited edition artists benches are spectacular .......
the only problem is deciding which one to keep,
& who to give the others too!!!!

The Accessorator's Month Fabooolous Gifts - #17!!!



#17 is for design junkies who have been around for decades!!!
Especially those who admit it ......... like myself!!! 

Making Marks celebrates English artist & designer Sue Timney's illustrious career,
& the stunning black & white designs created with her partner Grahame Fowler!!!

I was lucky to purchase & print designs by Timney-Fowler in the 1980's ....
& I am thrilled to share Pointed Leaf Press's beautiful monograph!!!

The influence of Timney-Fowler on apparel & home design is monumental ......
This book is a must-have for all design libraries!!!

The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #16!!!

#14  is a gift that should certainly be under my tree!!!!


Artist Carmen McLeod has emerged onto the NYC art scene with a soft bang!!!! 
Her work is quietly dynamic ....
crossing traditional boundaries of painting & sculpture.
Her first solo exhibition for CRG Gallery is their "booth" at the VIP Art Fair.


Carmen is an immediate "hurry, must see" .....
And if you're very lucky there might even be a piece to buy!!!!


The Accessorator's Month of Fabooolous Gifts - #15!!!

Laurie Simmons.jpg
Laurie Simmons  "Cookie Tree" 2009


Phoebe Washburn.jpg
Phoebe Washburn "Wood Wall as Safari Vest as Tree" 2008


Fred Tomaselli.jpg
Fred Tomaselli "Tree" 2008
Marilyn Minter tree.jpg
Marilyn Minter "merry merry" 2007


#15 is for those of us who hate the mess of Christmas trees ........
but love the look!!!!


These limited edition, dye cut, vinyl wall sticker Christmas trees ........
part of a collection designed by "artists we adore" .......
are from from Artware Editions.
No fuss, no muss, no bother after Christmas & totally recyclable!!!! 
Apply these life-size trees directly to the wall ....
by either removing the paper back or simply pinning them to your wall!!


Also, a clever gift for our chic art-collecting friends .....
who have everything!!!!