Shopping Miami ..... Fornasetti Candles @ The Webster!

is an over-the-top "retail accessorator supreme," 
& I never miss an opportunity to visit 
her spectacular Miami shopping mecca ......

Last week I flipped over these chic, chic, chic 
Fornasetti candles ...
& I must admit I bought them all!!!

And, they are on their way to Beirut with me .....
right now!!!

I think they will be tasty hostess gifts 
for the divine & delightful,
who have invited us to fancy, fabulous, & fun
holiday lunches & dinners!!!

The Only Surviving 2012 Electric Holiday Snow Globe!

This is one of those sad & sorrowful stories .....
that has a fabulous ending!!!
Every "accessorator supreme" knows that Christmas 2012
is all about the "fashionable collaboration" 
between Barneys & the Walt Disney Company ...
Well, I have been waiting breathlessly to get my hands on
the delightful & divine 
featured in Barneys holiday ads!!!
Sooooo, I raced uptown to Barneys last Thursday,
ahead of the crowds .... I thought,
but low & behold I was told they was gone!!!
"Impossible" I said ...
"No" said the charming salesman ...
"What happened???" I moaned!!!
"They've all been recalled" he announced!!!
"Yep, the ears fell off!!!!"
I was désole .... 
I rushed downstairs, out the door,
grabbed my Iphone, 
& called my fabulous fashion friend WR in disbelief!!!
"Breath deeply"he said ...
"We'll discuss it tonight at dinner!!"
So, I sadly trugged home .....
beyond bereft!!!
7PM brought a knock on the door .....
the divine and dapper WR & MK  arrived for dinner
with GUESS WHAT???
The impossible .... MY SNOW GLOBE!!!!
The moral of the story is ...
"Fabulous Fashion Friends" are a "must-have" ...
especially with a great Rolladex!!!


Isn't it divine .....
"Hey, don' t touch the ears!!!!"

A Grateful & Thankful Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!!

oliver's turkey .jpg
Thanks to Oliver Roaman .....
for this delightful 2012 Thanksgiving Turkey!!!!

And an especially Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ....
even in the toughest of times,
we have sooooo much to be thankful for!!!

2012 is "zipping" by ...... Christmas is almost here!!!

Soooo ....
How 'bout a divine early Christmas "accessoration" .....
updated garlands for your tree!!!!

Sew all the colored zippers you can find together,  
wrap them around your "blue-spruce" .....
it's kinda' like stringing popcorn or cranberries!!!

Very colorful, chic & very non-denominational .....
& very "accessorator-ish"!!!

Seasonal Graffiti .... Chelsea Bunnies with Heart!!!

Happy "Eastover"
 to the "accessorator bunnies,"