Loads of Love & Valentine Accessorations ..... XOXO!!!

2012 Valentine Bunny.png

A Divinely "Over Accessorated" Christmas from NYC!!!


Merry, Merry........ Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!!
Joy, Love, Health & Happiness in 2012!!!!

Looking Forward to a Bright & Shiny New Year!!!
Filled with loads of great new ....

Have a great Holiday & see you in January!!! 
xxxxo theaccessorator

Barneys Preview ...... Gaga's First Snow Globe Is Mine!

My fabulous fashion friends Whitney & Marc 
managed to snare me this divine birthday present!!!!!

The first Gaga snow globe sold at Barneys NYC 
& the first Gaga's Workshop Christmas shopping bag ...... 
allowed to leave the store!!!!

It's good to have friends in high places!!!!!

Tonight at 11:59 PM Barneys NYC is opening ......
and unveiling their Gaga Christmas windows!!!

The windows are going to over-the-top,
and the shop is going to be 'gaga-licious" .....
with divine & decadent Gaga goodies!!!

And remember ......
25% of all sales in the workshop are donated to Gaga's
dedicated to empowering youth & inspiring bravery.

I would suggest making an immediate beeline to Barney's ...
before everything is gone!!!!

I think it 2011 is definitely going to be a very Gaga Christmas!!!!

From My Pumpkin Patch to Yours .... Happy Halloween!

pumpkins horiz.JPG
I considered going to pick my own pumpkin ..... 
but it started to snow!!!!

Instead ..... off I went to Barbara Trujillo Antiques,
 in Bridgehampton,
home to the best "vintage Halloween accessorations"!!!! 

Of course, I couldn't pick just one ....
 So, this divine collection has a new "patch"!!!!! 

Once an "accessorator" ...... always an "accessorator"!!!

The Lights Are Finally Back for the Summer's Finale!!!

Happy Labor Day to all!!!!!
See you next week getting ready for back-to-school!!!!