Designer David Scott's Book is ..... "Outside The Box"!

DavidScott Cover.jpg
My friend & design guru David Scott's  book .....
Outside The Box
was published this week ....
And it's outstanding!!!!

Published by the divine Suzy Slesin's
with an interview by design expert
& fantastic images by renown photographer

But, the best part is that David is an exceptionally 
talented designer ..... 
who's projects are sublime!!!!
I am especially partial to the NYC loft ...
maybe because it's mine!!!

The book an absolutely "must-have" for every 
accessorator's design library!!!

Divine, Delightful, & Delicious ..... NY DESIGN Hunting!

first stand-alone design magazine,
is "out & about" .....
at news stands everywhere today!!!

This "must-have forever" publication by design genius
is subtitled
"A Resource Guide & Dream Book" .......
& that's exactly what it is!!!

Beautifully designed, edited, photographed, and written ...
the magazine features fabulous NYC interiors, 
including design guru's 
never before published,
stunning Olympic Tower aerie!!!!

In addition, 
there is a fantastic guide to New York's best kept "secrets" ......
over 1000 of the them .....
including paint shops, tile suppliers, window washers, 
contractors, designers & more!!!

Run out .... 
get your copy & pick your favorite cover ....
there are 4 of them,
each with a different color paint can!!!!

I must admit I have all four 'cuz, 
I know this is really a "supreme collectable"
and the ultimate
"accessorator's accessoration"!!!

Garden of Earthly Delights @ Rossana Orlandi, Milan!

"Tentlamps" Lotty Lindeman


Bronze Sculpture by Nacho Carbonell


Thumbnail image for IMG_3316.jpg
"Bamboo Bench" Gal Ben Arav


"Cook Collection" Roberto Moro


Thumbnail image for IMG_3315.jpg
"38 Collection" Bocci Lighting


"Hanging On" Hoda Baroudi & Maria  Hibri for Bokja


Thumbnail image for IMG_3569.jpg
Color, as it happens, by chance .... in the garden!!!!


Thumbnail image for IMG_3330.jpg
Antique lockers that have been in the garden forever!!!
Rossana Orlandi is the "High Priestess" of Design!!!!

Her eponymous store is where it all begins to percolate in Milan  ....
A first stop during Milan's Salone del Mobile,
whether old stand-bys or fresh talent ....
the international design community pays strict attention 
to whatever & whoever she exhibits!!!

And it all starts when you walk into "the garden" .... 
the heart of the exhibition!!!

Domus ....... Inside Is An "Accessorator's Fantasty"!!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_1421DO.jpg
Thumbnail image for IMG_1434DO.jpg
on West 44th St. in Hells Kitchen,
 is an "accessorator's" dream come true .....
from outside to in!!!

travel for one month every year, 
to countries that have included Afghanistan, 
Mexico, India, Vietnam, Peru, & Brazil,
filling their store with an international blend of
eclectic & inviting "goodies."

The collection includes an extraordinary assortment of 
textiles & tapestries, decorative pillows, ceramics, 
glassware, jewelry, soaps, toys,
and divine "potions, lotions, & oils," 
that soothe both body & soul!!!

The mix of products celebrate handcrafted items 
from artisan & artists worldwide, 
often focusing on
"equitable & sustainable environments."

is definitely a fantastic addition to 
the accessorator's "must-see" shopping guide!!!!

Domus ....... Outside Is An "Accessorator's Delight"!!!!

This divine tree grows on West 44th Street in front of
an "accessorator's" dream!!!

have created this delightful store of goodies ....
located in Hells Kitchen,
it all begins with this "crocheted fantasy" out front!!!!

Tomorrow .......
 the "fabulousness" of what's inside!!!