is full of inetersting tidbits!!!



Hit this link to house

& read about

The Most Colorful Spot in My House!!!!

My London "Olympic Design Shopping Guide" Is Online!!!

My flip-book for this month's 
is available online 
& it is oh-soooo au courant!!!

is perfect for everyone going to London for the Olympics,
but who's favorite Olympic sport is ......

And even if you're not going to the Olympics ....
add these divine stores to your London "must-do" list,
'cuz these are great shopping tips!!! 

Divine, Delightful, & Delicious ..... NY DESIGN Hunting!

first stand-alone design magazine,
is "out & about" .....
at news stands everywhere today!!!

This "must-have forever" publication by design genius
is subtitled
"A Resource Guide & Dream Book" .......
& that's exactly what it is!!!

Beautifully designed, edited, photographed, and written ...
the magazine features fabulous NYC interiors, 
including design guru's 
never before published,
stunning Olympic Tower aerie!!!!

In addition, 
there is a fantastic guide to New York's best kept "secrets" ......
over 1000 of the them .....
including paint shops, tile suppliers, window washers, 
contractors, designers & more!!!

Run out .... 
get your copy & pick your favorite cover ....
there are 4 of them,
each with a different color paint can!!!!

I must admit I have all four 'cuz, 
I know this is really a "supreme collectable"
and the ultimate
"accessorator's accessoration"!!!

Newest Accessorator Flip Book @!

Last August the divine House Beautiful E-I-C, 
asked me to begin "thinking green"!!!

He was planning the March 2012 color issue,
& the color was going to be ....

It's almost March, & my newest flip book ...
just went live on

Just hit the link,
take a look ...
& let me know what you think!!!

There's A Secret In The July/August House Beautiful!

IMG_5363 - Version 4.jpg
This month's House Beautiful has a surprise 
embedded into page 113!!!
Access to a behind-the-scene video from
designer Nick Olsen
is available on your smartphone!!!!!

Download the free Digimarc Discover app onto your phone!!!
Point the scanner at the center of the page,
wait for the chime ....... 
 and Nick's video appears on your phone!!!

I tried it and it works like magic ...... 
perfect picture & sound!!!!

So, hurry out, pick up House Beautiful .......
download & scan!!!!!

FYI, according to HB E-I-C Newell Turner .....
this is just the beginning ......
"Videos are going to become a part of every issue!!!!"