Midnight Musings from the Accessorator.......#5

I never thought about volcano's before ...... maybe Pompeii when 
I was about 10 ....... but, this new unpronounceably-named
volcano has me in it's clutches!!!!!! 


I am caught in Milan, and am beginning to feel I should meet with a real estate broker to find a palazzo!!!!! The good news is that I have a hotel suite with two friends who are rapidly becoming my newest BFF's, and the ability to get into the best restaurant in town ....... BAGUTTA ....... a must in a crisis like this!!!!!! I also have more than enough "accessorator" information from London & Milan to write indefinitely!!!!!! 


Hopefully I'll be home soon ....... but anyway, I can keep 
chattering about all the great "accessorations" in 
the world from anywhere!!!! 

Midnight musings from the accessorator #4........A Little self promotion!!!!!!

photo.jpg me.jpg
Saturday I had lunch with with my friend the EIC (remember..... Editor In Chief!!!). Afterwards, we went to an antique store we both love..... because there was something "wonderful" I had to shoot. He took this picture of me, taking a picture of "it"........see, there is nothing I wouldn't do to get a picture of a great "accessoration"!!!!!!!~ Thanks....EIC!!!!!

Midnight musings from the accessorator #2.......No origional thoughts here at home!!!!!

chair-navy club.jpg


I think of myself as the real mccoy, a true individual, unique, one of a kind.......eclectic & eccentric...but me!!!! I believe that is in part because I am an American, thus given the freedom to be me.... unique, slightly off center, a creative thinker who works with new and exciting ideas. My stores have always been thought of as "special" and I try to do the same on my blog. So, imagine my surprise when this photo on the right was sent to me from the furniture show at High Point....yep, very very surprised, or maybe not!!! 


I spent two years working with a wonderful furniture company in London, Squint, we created a collection of one-off pieces that are available exclusively in the U.S. at my store, on my website, and at Barney's. The chair on the left is one of these pieces. The collection was designed around upholstering vintage furniture with old and new textiles. I shipped two containers from London and set up shop!!! I knew that this was an interesting and unique idea.....and I guess in my heart I knew that it would be knocked off someday!!!! But, I never expected it to be done so fast and in the actual shape of the chair that I had!!!


No wonder we are suffering in American.....we have the freedom to be unique & create the unusual......but often times large companies are afraid to try......it seems easier to copy others!!!  Gee,I wonder if they plan to send us a design fee?????

Original Squint furniture available on j.roaman website

Midnight musings from the accessorator #1.......An apple app a day!!!

App Store


My friend Stephen assures me that no one reads blogs on Sunday, so I thought I would write about something that has nothing to do with design, furniture, fashion, color & pattern, or anything that is expected from me! Rather, something  that has been pressing on my mind all weekend, that I really need to muse about...the Apple iphone!!! 


Thursday, my quasi assistant, Jill came over to update all of my technology. When she got to my I Phone....my "mind jog" began!!! There are 65,000 applications with 226 for electronic whoopee cushions  alone!!!  On Monday, I had read an article in WWD (my former fashion bible) about how Net-A-Porter had created an iphone application and that I could now shop on line! Well, of course we added that to my phone.....followed by iphone shopping at Christies Auction House and Amazon...then Fandango for movies....CNN Money....the NY Times..and now I pick can match paint colors from Benjamin Moore!!!!. The I went to dinner with friends, where I was told about the ultimate app.....Google, where I am able to ask questions in my own voice and have the correct answer in seconds! My mind was boggled and I was in a total panic!  In the past eight months I have been endlessly thinking & talking about the "new world" that we have entered.  I don't think anything will ever be the same as it was prior to this past October and the financial crisis that we are in.  I think most frequently about my worlds.......that of retail & manufacturing, and of course my beloved magazine industry. The fashion business will never look the same, and in my view Gilt Group appears to have become the new retail genius. I now think shopping by phone is a monumental step. And after last week, my fear for magazines has become even greater!!!  I am too old to read a magazine on an iphone!!!  I am a magazine addict and have been reading, ripping & clipping for decades...I have files that go from bookshelves to Bangkok!!! How can that happen on the phone??? How can we going to save our magazines from iphone extinction, as well as from the computer nerds who want us to read online?????  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?????? HELP!!!!!!!!~