I've Left the Middle East and Moved On To Europe!!!

Every "accessorator supreme" knows who's logo this is ....
whether in ArabicEnglish, or Italian!!!!

Ciao Doha &  Dubai ...
 Hello Milano!!!

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Sotti Sitz Opens GARDE on Beverly Boulevard, LA!!!

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Retuning from NYC's fashion world to 
LA's design world....
Los Angeles native Scotti Sitz 
opened GARDE at 7418 Beverly Boulevard
last March!!!

Influenced by her time at 
Calvin Klein & Giorgio Armani
Sitz's aesthetic is "clean & modern"!!!

She infuses the store with a primarily neutral color palette,
from taupe & stone to grey & greige ..... 
plus a selection of dark indigo solids, 
stripes & patterns.
Buying only what she "loves" .......
this store raises the bar for 
"chic & contemporary style" in LA!!! 

A fabulous "accessorator" find in LA last month .....
& a real LA "must-shop"!!!!

LA's Arcana Bookstore Grow & Grows & Grows!!!

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My favorite bookstore in all the world 
has moved from Santa Monica 
to the hip & happening Culver City ...
and it's fantastic!!!!

Owner Lee Kaplan's extraordinary selection of
over 100,000 rare & out of print books, 
specializing in 20th Century art, architecture,
design & photography,
is sublime!!!

Lee is my go-to 
"book accessorator supreme"!!!

I have been known to call him from all over the world 
looking for the most obscure book
& he always has it
or finds it!!!!

So when you're in LA this is an absolute

Brenda Antin's Treasure Trove of Fabulousity in LA!!!


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The very British Brenda Antin is the most divine, 
delightful,& delicious "shopkeeper" in LA
& her eponymous shop is fantastically fabulous, 
& a designer's "trade secret"!!!
The store is a unique blend of vintage & new ....
including a melange of French & English & Italian antique 
furniture, lamps, & accessories!!!
Plus Brenda's "own" stunning custom collection 
of linen (natural & over-dyed) upholstered furniture!!!
She has also created extraordinary wicker furniture 
that she manufactures in LA!!!
And there is also a stunning selection 
of bespoke pillows!!!
BUT, I am most in awe of her enormous collection 
of vintage textiles!!!
Traveling to France, England, & Italy, 
I'm sure Brenda & her husband Mike 
never met a piece of linen, toile, or ticking 
that they didn't ship back to LA!!!
In her upstairs loft, this "textile junkie" 
also has a secret trove of goodies
from around the world .....
including incredible indigos, India quilts, 
& Japanese silks!!!
Brenda is the ultimate "accessorator supreme" 
& a "must-meet" in LA!!!!
An old-fashioned kinda' girl,
Brenda has no website ...
but can be reached at

Campana Brothers Design Madison Ave. Shoe Store!!!

The quirky Spanish shoe company 
has a worldwide collection of retail stores, 
each unique, they are designed by renown 
contemporary designers
& they are springing-up everywhere!!!!

I have seen incredible stores designed by 
& the Bouroullec Brothers ....
but, right now I am totally enthralled by this 
divine store in NYC!!! 
Located on Madison Avenue, across from Barneys, 
this spectacular NYC store is the creation of
the brilliant Brazilian design duo the

Handcrafted in Brazil the walls, window display, 
seating, & lighting is crafted of 
woven natural fibers ....
evoking a strong sense of the rainforest. 

The "transplastic" seating, considered a metaphor for 
the world of natural vs. synthetic,
is a recycled collection of
plastic chairs & tables that appear to be 
"growing" through the wicker.

This store is a Madison Avenue "must-see"!!!

Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about the shoes ....
I was held captive by the environment!!!!