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More Beirut Buzz......Bokja's Mix of Color & Pattern!!!

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I have always adored the unique pieces of furniture from the Lebanese furniture company Bokja, the brainchild of Huda Baroudi and Marie Hibri. I first heard of the collection from a Lebanese friend who was renovating her apartment. Her architect sister, who had designed the space, took her to meet these two wonderful woman and see their furniture. The result, an immediate match was made and a stunning vintage chaise, covered in a patchwork of antique suzani textiles was sent to New York. I must admit I was very jealous when I saw it ...... it is sooooooo me!!!!!I 


Since thenI have been following the company with a passion!!! I have seen the collection in New York City at ABC Carpet & Home; in Miami, in 2008 at Design Miami; in Milan at Spazio Rossana Orlandi; last fall in Paris at Merci; and in London at Gallery Fumi. Finally, last month I was in the new Bokja store in Beirut and met Hoda!!!! She was charming and of course, as is the case in Beirut, we had friends in common...... but, most importantly, she remembered the chaise that had come to NYC!!!!! We chatted, I learned more about the company, and fell in love with a number of pieces in the store!!!


Bokja is not the new kid on the block ........ Hoda and Marie's partnership began in 2000, when textile collector Huda, put a piece of Uzbek tapestry over one of Marie's antique chairs, to get a better look at it ..... and a collaboration was born!!! The charming, eclectic furniture combines extraordinary textiles from all over the middle east, a melange of color, patten, and often needlework, with antique furniture from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Each bespoke piece of furniture tells a different story and the narrative results in a name and "passport" specific to the piece.


Linking old and new, repurposing both the textiles and the "used" furniture ..... this riot of colour and pattern, the incredible sense of history in the textiles, and the wonderful shapes make these pieces so special ......  they are the ultimate "accessoration" for any room!!!!!!! 


Crosby Street Hotel ....... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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There are some things that are just indescribablely, fantasticly fabulous ...... and the Crosby Street Hotel is one of those things!!!! I was lucky enough to be taken there for lunch last week by my tastiest, chicest design friend SDE, to discuss our April trip to the furniture show in Milan, and I was wowed beyond belief!!!! This is the penultimate "accessorated and designed" space in NYC. Words fail me, but Wednesday night I am taking the it E-I-C there for dinner and a viewing......can't wait to see what he says!!!!!!


Opened in Soho, in October, this stunning hotel was brought to life by world renowned, British hotelier's, Tim & Kit Kemp, owners of the UK's luxurious Firmdale Hotels. The duo's unique philosophy, "hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions," is the basis of their "specialty" hotel business. While incorporating this concept in all of their hotels, this is clearly the design dictum leading their first U.S. venture. Co-owner Kit, known for her "quirky, colorful, London style,"  designed the hotel's interiors. She uses an innovative mix of color, pattern, and texture; adding a unique blend of antique, classical, and modern furniture and accessories. A modern mix of organic materials and shapes, as well a variety of foliage and flowers, also complements the hotel's aesthetic. In addition, Kit has put together an extraordinary collection of original contemporary art, that is featured throughout the hotel. Designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly, the hotel is aiming to get gold LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, as well.


There are a number of innovative and interesting design elements throughout the space ..... the first one that appears is the hotel's sign. Seen from the outside of the building, through leaded glass windows, the word CROSBY is composed of individually framed collages, reminiscent of Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick, each including a different letter. The word STREET is a combination of vintage and new "found" letters, a la artist Jack Pierson. The visual is spectacular ....... but, unfortunately, there is an Italian shelving unit sitting inside the window that is a bit distracting ....... this is easily remedied and is my only complaint in this otherwise perfect place!!!!!


The public spaces in the hotel are fabulous!!!!! The lobby seating area includes a wonderful vintage wood frame settee covered in soft French linen, and two vitrines filled with shells, that became instant coffee tables!!!! Two "rag -rug stripe" slipper chairs finish the set up...... and in the distance are two wing chairs covered in souzani patterns!!! On the other side of the lobby is a stunning organic wooden garden bench, covered in greenery; a stone dog reclining on it, under an enormous mirror, is lit by a giant theatrical standing floodlight ...... beyond chic!!!! In addition, there is spectacular art in the lobby, including a giant 10' head made out of white letters, three divine dogs covered in comic strips, and a wonderful framed collage of a dachshund!!! YUMMY!!!!!


The Parlor, off the lobby, is a montage of fabulous accessories, art, and furniture. Mixing floral patterns on vintage wing chairs, and a tufted rouge velvet sofa at one end; a vintage round table and chairs, separating a wonderful roll-arm sofa in patches of grey heather and red at the other ..... the room, with soft lighting and a fireplace, is warm and inviting. 


The Crosby Bar, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea, has incredible eye candy; a magical blend of pattern, print, and color!!!! In addition, hanging from the ceiling are the most spectacular light fixtures in New York City!!!!! Another wall fixture is created by telephones mounted to the wall that are lit .......... so incredible!!! Vintage tables have zinc or aluminum tops ..... chairs and throw pillows are upholstered in incredible Maharam woolen collaged textiles, designed by Hella Jongerius ....... and the banquets are covered in amazing stripes!!!! The bar has a trio of colored lucite lamps that make my heart pound!!!! I thought I had landed in "accessorator heaven"!!!!!


And ...... as if this isn't tempting enough ....... each room and suite is completely unique!!!!!!! The Crosby Hotel is a WOW ............ I'm ready to move in for life!!!!!!


Layers of Color & Pattern......My favorite!

Eileen's corner bench, pillow, rug.JPG

This corner says it all for me ........ 
I adore the colors, textures, and patterns .... 
a dynamic mix .......
For me this says "accessorator!!!!"