Ingo Maurer "Floating Table" @ Established & Sons!!!

German designer Ingo Maurer &
British company Established & Sons
presented Maurer's "Floating Table" last month 
in Milan during Design Week.

The round table has the illusion of being "legless"  
but really "stands" on four bentwood chairs 
that are hinged to the tabletop.

An exciting & innovative "accessoration divine,"
the chairs slide in & out
for easy access!!!

Design/Miami "Faux Favorite" ..... Bent Wood Tables!!!

Thumbnail image for IMG_5385.jpg
I have always adored the brilliant collaboration 
between these two Englishmen .....
& designer Sebastian Wrong
for London's Established & Sons!!!

The WrongWoods furniture collection
has always been an "accessorator favorite"!!!

But these four WrongWoods "Bent Wood Tables"
presented last week by Galerie VIVID
at Design Miami are an 
"over-the-top sublime accessorations supreme" ......
crossing the boundary between art & design!!!

I cannot possibly decide 
which color combination I "must have" .....
& there definitely isn't space in my house for all four!!!

Joaquim Tenreiro Dinning Table & Chairs in Miami!!!

Since my trip to Brazil last fall,
I am in love with all things Brazilian!!! 

Especially furniture .....
& especially the work of designer

Tenreiro, a major force in modernist Brazilian furniture,
was born in Portugal & moved to Rio de Janeiro
in his 20's.

Influenced by the warm weather of Brazil, 
his pieces were light .....
often combining wicker or cane with 
indigenous Brazilian hardwoods.

I was delighted to see this DIVINE dinning set at
& am wondering if it will fit in my dinning room!!!

Artist Mimmo Paladino's "Kitchen Accessorations"!!!

While walking in my 'hood yesterday,
I saw these delightful limited edition pieces of furniture 
created by Italian sculptor

the chicest Italian kitchen manufacturer,
has it's first USA showroom on 17th Street in Chelsea ....
with designs that are sleek, modern, über stylish!!!

But I, of course, fell "head over heels" for
innovative & eccentric furniture!!!!

An ode to all of my favorite things .....
sculpture, black & white graphics, & color, color, color ...
each piece is an "accessoration sublime" !!!

These pieces would be spectacular in any room ...
not just the kitchen!!!

Alessandro Mendini for Bisazza @ Galerie Kreo!!!

Every trip to Paris includes a "must-see" 
visit to the extraordinary

Last week was no exception ......
I found this amazing table, 
designed by the "supremely brilliant" Italian createur

I love Mendini's work & adored this collaboration with
one of the world's great luxury brands,
Italian glass tile company

I had never seen this piece before & am in awe of
the artistry, design, color & craftsmanship
created by this sublime Italian duet!!!