Why in the world is everything is Falling Apart?????



I  found this sad, broken & unloved "accessoration"

on Greenwich Street .....

do you think it's the heat or a rough weekend????

Accessorator's Delight ... Maison Martin Margiela!!!



Two of my favorite "accessorations" are books & bookcases!!!


I found this divine combination at the

Maison Martin Margiela on Greenwich Street, NYC.


Isn't is fabulous!!!

We're Celebrating July 4th With a Fabulous Picnic!!!



What could be better than a July 4th picnic

with creatures created by

the delightful English designer

Donna Wilson!!!


These "divine accessorations"  & I wish you a ...

HAPPY JULY 4th!!!!

What a Wacky & wonderful way to tell time!!!



found this divine & delightful clock

at my favorite East Hampton "accessoration haunt"



My friend Russ's store, a treasure trove of goodies,

is a secret weapon for designers ....

& is definitely an "accessorator must-shop"!!!


Love this clock to pieces,

even tho' I don't know who's it is .....

do you???

Art Delivery arrives by divine "Truck Acessoration"!!!






 "Accessorations" come in all forms ......

How fabulous is the Fred Worden delivery truck!!!


Don't you want them to delivery all your

"art accessorations"!!!